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Safeguard The Quality Of Children Against Technology (Essay Sample)

  1. Five to six pages or 1500 words,
  2. For this paper, you need to choose one argumentative article on any subject—though it MUST NOT be one of the articles you have already written about—and write a criticism of its argument. This time, you MUST investigate the author’s sources, and determine whether they are reliable or not. In other words, the MOST IMPORTANT criterion for your assessment of the article’s argument will be based on your research into evidence and sources.
  3. Other criteria will also be required (3). Explaining your criteria in the top of the paper. Also summarizing the article you choose following the top paragraph.
  4. As in our other papers, our criteria for grading will center on YOUR argument and evidence, as well as your organization. The best papers will have an intro that makes the main point and your means of reaching it—your criteria—clear; will be organized by using your separate criteria to identify different sections of your paper; will include AT LEAST one piece of good, reliable, and fully explained evidence for each point you make; will have a minimum of surface-feature errors.(This paragraph is explaining for pre-paper, it might help you understanding which criteria.)

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Safeguard the Quality of Children against Technology
In the world that is constantly adjusted by the new technology advancements that take place every day, much of the concentration is on the gains that are accruing from the same. This is a good thing relative to the fact that, they are advances that have brought significant growth in almost every area of the world. Efficiency is at its utmost high, with processes that used to take ages to complete now taking microseconds. It is much easier today to communicate with a thousand people in an instant that it was to communicate with a single person a few decades ago. What is more astonishing is the speed with which some of these changes are taking place. Making money transfers only takes a few clicks and millions are sent to their right owners. The same with the business environment where customers and sellers can instantly transact within seconds and the products send across the globe within hours. This is fit that most people in the last several decades would have thought impossible. However, there is a concern when it comes to the people that are least considered in the developments of technology, children. They are exposed to all the developments in technology and while there are benefits to the same, there are aspects that need to be considered with some element of sustainable safeguards in mind.
Benefits of Technology
With the advances that have been made in reference to technology in the last three decades, there are quite a significant amount of benefits that go the way that children are brought up and more importantly the skills that they are able to develop. These are skills that will help them in the future and some they apply instantly in their environment whether at school, at home or even in their social circles. Some of the main benefits that have been established with the exposure of children to modern technology include better hand and eye coordination. This is a crucial skill and one that is going to be crucial when it comes to interacting with their environment constructively such as in games and other physical activities. As they interact with technology such as Television and the internet, they are able to pick up some of the most crucial elements that boost their ability to communicate. Most of the interactions are going to involve multisensory engagements which are crucial for the development of language. With the use of the internet and other audio visual technologies, the children are also able to absorb quality skills that are quite basic when it comes to interacting with their peers. They are further able to use technology to their social advantage was they can collaborate with their peers on various projects. Where they interact with programs such as games, these give the children crucial skills when it comes to spatial acuity. At the same time, they develop the urge and the skills to strategize on how they can complete tasks. More importantly, by tapping into the resources that are offered by technology, children are also able to develop their talents and gifts.
The ugly side of Technology
While there are all these advantages, some of which are subtle to the growth of the children in today's competitive world, there are elements of technology that require to be looked at with some significant urge to sustainable solutions. These are elements of technology attributes that significantly compromise the quality of life of the children as they grow up in environments where they constantly interact wit

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