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Answer Question: Poor Teeth by Sarah Smarsh (Essay Sample)


1. Write a potential initial thesis for A1. Identify both texts, both authors, and quickly describe one point of tension in the rhetoric of this essay that raises a question you can then follow.

2. Give one piece of evidence from each text that shows something about the claim you just made, but in a way that builds on the line of questioning you’ve started. These can be quotations, paraphrases, summaries, or concrete descriptions of one piece of the rhetoric.

3. Explain what each piece of evidence might plausibly mean.

4. Connect each bit of evidence (step 2) and analysis (step 3) to your initial thesis. How are you carrying a single idea forward?

5. Give one piece of complicating evidence from at least one of the essays you’ve chosen—something that doesn’t just illustrate the points you’ve already made, but that somehow requires you to make a more complex explanation of the evidence you’re showing than you did in step 1.

6. Explain how this piece of complicating evidence evolves your initial thesis. What deeper implications does this new piece of evidence carry?


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In the article titled Poor Teeth, Sarah Smarsh points out that there is a misconception about certain conditions and ailments only being present among low-income or poor people. In the post (Unspeakable Conversations) published in New York Times, Harriet McBryde Johnson mentions that the killing of an unborn disabled child is out of context and should be considered a crime in today’s society.
The one quotation from Sarah Smarsh’s article is Pennsatucky’s teeth are not just meth teeth, while Harriet writes that he insists he does not want to kill me.
The meaning or purpose of the first piece is that poor teeth are the

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