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American Culture Versus Japanese Culture (Essay Sample)


Many of the readings in this course/text reflected on other cultures of the world.
We read about culture in chapter three of the text, and in this chapter, culture is defined (Again, chapter three does not discuss other cultures).
I want you to write about two things you learned about another culture outside of the United states from other chapters and readings from this semester or from another outside source. You need to write three's a short essay of 3 to 5 paragraphs (Introduction, body, conclusion). Some suggestions might be language, religion, global stratification, economy and global perspective, or other aspects. You can draw in other sources of information with what you have read in the textbook or from another source (list a source at the bottom of your writing page). You are writing about two aspects you have learned about a world culture.
I just have a quick question I need 3 to 5 paragraphs I wasn't sure if that was a full page or not I put page but only need 3/5 paragraphs.


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Culture is often regional, and it may contrast sharply on how the people perceive some of the simple basic things which are universally accepted by in their community. Western and Asian cultures differ on many levels and it is easy to disregard the norms of another culture if you judge them from the perspective of your own. Japan is the most ‘westernized' Asian country, yet its culture sharply contrasts with other western civilities especially American. It however harbors some insightful perspective on social and economic perspectives if analyzed from an American viewpoint.
One of the cultures that contrast sharply with American culture is Japanese. Japanese people are collectivist while Americans are individualistic (Sun, Horn and Merritt). The Japanese people tend to live and act in groups. Japanese people tend to stick together as families, and some live in the same house or nearby. This is unlike many western cultures especially American where a family is scattered all over the country and sometimes beyond and only meet a few times per year or longer. On the other hand, in Japan, children still live with their parents and grandparents because the culture bestows responsibility on them to take care of their parents and grandparents as they age. There is a social understanding that resonates through Japan of children caring for the older generation instead of banking on pensions and personal savings to be withdrawn in retirement. On the other hand, Americans typically take their parents to hospices and their childre

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