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The Government Role in Agriculture (Economics) (Essay Sample)


In our economic class. we are required to create a website about the agriculture. I'm assigned to finish "the role of government". Pls use the graphics, data and the bibliography in my website to write an essay about my topic (briefly introduce or describe it. Take around 30% of content ), and find a multimedia to reinforce the topic content (this is the one resources I paid for, and this multimedia is the main part of the essay 70%)
If you have any question, pls let me know.


The Government Role in Agriculture (Economics)
The Government Role in Agriculture (Economics)
Since the times of farming in Mesopotamia, when agriculture was starting, to date, the government has always played a central role in ensuring that its population has enough food. The current government has been on the front row to ensure that there are enough finances for farmers and there are policies that restrict farmers' exploitation by financial bodies. The government also ensures that there are favourable trading terms when exporting goods and they provide the needed financial aid like loans and grants to farmers both large and small-scale farmers.
Financial support
According to Coleman, (2014), in 1913, Wilson Woodrow made an announcement that he was going to start supporting agricultural activities by introducing credit facilities to farmers and three years later, the Farm Loan Act was established. This policy transformed how agriculture was carried out in the United States. Farming needs money through consistent financing. The government uses a lot of acts to ensure that farming is best at the macro level. For instance, the government designs policies which help farmers get funds for their farming activities. For example, some policies are established to ensure that money lenders do not place high interests on loans given to these farmers CITATION Col14 \l 2057 (Coleman, 2014). Also, in the United States, the government has created inroads for commercial lenders and have laws that restrict them from exploitation and waging campaigns so that they can boost the farmer's activities and grow agricultural productivity. For small-scale farmers, the government provides subsidized loans and grants so that they can use it to supplement food supply in the country and

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