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My American Story: Future In America, Dream In My Parents (Essay Sample)


Unless you are Native American, you are an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants. Immigrants came and still come to America for many reasons. Some of your ancestors were kidnapped and brought to the Americas as slaves. Others came to escape religious or political persecution and war. And, many came for economic advancement or education. Some of you have recently arrived for similar reasons. Some in our class may have been brought here as children and adopted by an American family. 
What is your coming to America story? How did you and/or your family arrive on these shores? When? Does your family have stories that have been passed down through generations, such as the story Alex Haley told in his epic book Roots? 
How do you identify yourself? Does your immigrant story play into that identity? How? Why? 
Please write your American story.
If you are Native American, write the story of how your ancestors were affected by invasion and colonization. How does that history affect you today? If you are African-American, African-Caribbean, or African-Latino/a how does your ancestors' violent forced migration affect you today? Do some research, where possibly could your ancestors be from? How did the arrive at the place they are today?
If you are adopted, what can you assume about your identity? Do you identify as the ethnicity of your biological family or your adopted family? Why or why not? 
Please use the articles assigned for class (i.e. all the articles in Section II: Myth of the Melting Pot will be helpful)
Also, please use three outside sources: books, articles, etc. (Please do not use Wikapedia as one of your citations). and similar websites are great resources. If you are confused or have a question, consult your recitation instructor. Use MLA citation and bibliography for both your outside sources and the articles from class you used. 
Your paper should be:
At least 5 pages
Double spaced
Times New Roman 12-point font
1 inch margins
write from a foreigner side


Future in America
Over the years, immigrants have been taking their chances in America, chasing a dream. This is an aspect that started as the nation was being formed. Millions of immigrants across the globe came to America, in the seventeenth century. This was during a time when England was hit with a regional crisis. As such, most of the immigrants came into America as they searched for stability and safety. Over the years, America developed into a nation that was formed by quite a majority of immigrants. Millions of immigrants came to America and this formed a basis for the nation, relative to the element of cultural and racial diversity (Amadeo, Kimberly). Given the level of diversity in America, the element of giving every other person a chance to prosper is also quite engrained in the American culture (Amadeo, Kimberly). It is this culture that enshrines, what is basically referred to as the American dream. Where every other person is given equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve at their highest levels of productivity. This is a key element that is banked on the individualistic approach within the American culture. Making it to the very top of one's ability, using the talents and skills they have developed along the way. As such, for many across the globe, America is a country of great opportunity, where can achieve their reams in an enabling environment (Amadeo, Kimberly). It is also for this reason, America is considered a global hub for democracy.
Coming to America
Living in China, one is greeted by a different environment. This is a society that encourages people to respect the traditions and more importantly, does not necessarily offer the citizens equal chance to prosper. It lacks the level of freedom that is associated with the American dream enshrined in the culture (Rtbohan). This is relative to the fact that it mainly follows the Confucius approaches. Individualism is an aspect that is not highly developed, as one is supposed to work towards the good of the group and not the individual. Most of the time, the individual talents and skills are muffled under the blanket of tradition. However, this is not the case when it comes to the American culture (Amadeo, Kimberly). Coming to America, I was riding on the dream of achieving my personal dreams in a space that was not limiting. Where I could rise to the very best of my abilities. As such, the first place where I could start was with education. Studying in the United States for me has always been a dream. This is one of the best ways which I have always considered as a gateway to my dreams. To achieve my dreams and aspiration in the future and in a manner that is not hindered I had to study in a space where I could appreciate and more importantly learn in the ways of the American culture.
‘But the immigrants, in each of their succeeding waves, and the internal migrants of the past and of today are the ones who are keeping alive the American dream. To leave your home and the society you a

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