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A Research Paper on the Political Party System of the United States (Essay Sample)


Please use History book "American Horizons" Volume 1, 2nd edition for information to use in the paper. All information in the paper must come from the book.


A Research Paper on the Political Party System of the United States
The countries of the world consist of governments, departmental heads, government agencies, leaders and officials who take charge of the continuity of overseeing the daily programs, projects and activities that contribute to the development of communities. The need to establish a firm and a strong form of leadership that bonds with the citizens of the society is of such importance and priority in performing a strategical method that enables the residents to live in order, peace and harmony. Thus, studying the USA’s political history helps us to deeply understand what our roots are and how the different political systems have influenced our way of living. This paper elucidates on the process of the development of the US Political Party System starting from how it began up until the present status. Furthermore, this research also includes a thorough and accurate literature review of the Federalist or Republican Party of Jefferson, the Lincoln Republican and Douglas Democratic Parties. An in-depth analysis of the historical facts that built the very core foundation of the US Political System is deciphered in the subsequent subsections of this paper for a wider view of how the US government rose into world of fame and globalization. In the end, a definite conclusion is given with suggestions on the probable changes needed to uphold the standard of freedom and human rights amongst the American citizens.
Literature Review
Development of the United States Political Party System
The development of the US Political Party System started when the Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation for years before finally ratifying it. In the year 1776 of May, prior to the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the Congress instructed people in the individual colonies to start drafting the state constitutions. Thus, by reason of this instruction, the states chose representatives thus deriving the sovereignty from the people who later on consented through voting. The political system was then enforced with the establishment of the executive, legislative and judicial powers on account of the separation of powers. Likewise, most states started implementing term limits for their governors. In a

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