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Possibility of American Dream Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Essay has to be from book American ways M.K Datsman, J. Crandall, E.N. Kearny chapter 2. I've written 3 times and teacher corrected them. I ask you look at corrections and use them for my essay. I hope I'll get good grade. I'm going to send you my papers for your attention.Thank you!


The American dream is a set of ideals that are enshrined in the believe that America as a nation and society offers social mobility along relative to the many opportunities for success and prosperity along with success. With the promise of opportunities, rights, liberties equality and democracy, most of the immigrants come to America in the hope that they are going to turn their lives around. For most of the immigrants America offers them the chance to achieve their greatest level of potential.
Starting in the early 1930s, the American dream has offered many people the hope of bringing to fruition their dreams socially, religiously and professionally. This is relative to the fact that the immigrants that come to the country have the chance to advance in the various areas of their life without much hindrance. Most of the immigrants especially from the developing nations such from Africa and the middle east, come to seek the freedom that America offers as a society. As such they will most be moving away from aspects such as social control, religious restrictions or even political instabilities. Equality is a crucial part of the American society and one that defines the American dream. It is from the freedom that is associated with the American society, that every other aspect of the dream is built on.
“The more I advanced in the study of American society, the more I perceived that…equality of condition id the fundamental fact from which all others seem to be derived” (M.K. Datesman, J. Crandall, E.N. Kearny “American ways” 34).
As stated in the quote above, the American dream has a foundation in the freedom basis. Such that every other individual has relatively equal chances of succeeding in achieving their dreams. there some significant element of democracy which helps the individuals find their personal brilliance.
The current freedoms that are enjoyed in the American society can be traced back to the colonial era. After America gained its freedom from the British hold, the nation established a government that was separate from the church. As such, people now had better chances of being self-reliant. This bred a rather democratic generation that largely believed in their personal abilities. From the notion of self-independence and achievement, the country adopted freedoms that supported the said ideals. As observed by Tocqueville, “..they acquire the habit of always considering themselves as standing alone , and they are to imagine their whole destiny is in their own hands”. (M.K. Datesman, J. Crandall, E.N. Kearny “American ways” 34). This is a crucial part of the American dream as it gives the people the power to become what it is that they wis to to become. As one is given the power and encouragement that they need to follow a path that will lead them to the best level in the lives. This could be a path to achieve professional skills or even entrepreneurial skills to start a business and make it the very best in the nation or in the field that they are in. This is also the case when it comes to career goals, where the American dream encourages people become the very best they can imagine and work hard towards making these dreams come true. For the largest companies that have come in the American history, there is an intrinsic element of individualism. This is to mean that, most of the companies that are top of the various industries in America can be attributed to sheer brilliance of a single person.
The American society is a metropolitan community that is made up of different races and ethnic groups. Most of whom have immigrated into America in search of a better life. Most of the immigrants have been able to succeed in the various ventures from politics, business, enterta...
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