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Modern day slavery and then compare/contrast to Historically slavery (Essay Sample)


Watch this video about modern day slavery and then compare/contrast to slavery covered in class. Make sure to have at least three sources. The book and video can be two sources so you need to find one source. This paper should be at least two pages in length.


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Historically Slavery and Modern-day Slavery
The abolishing of historically slavery was necessary for providing basic social freedom to people from different ethnic backgrounds. In America, blacks were slaves of the white population making the slaves less privileged in the community. Ethnic superiority and inferiority were eliminated by getting rid of historical slavery. The stopping of the slave trade was an approach to offer the necessary freedom and rights to communities. However, there are cases of modern-day slavery causing distress to different people in the community. Modern-day slavery is not common to many people as it is hidden from the overall society. Modern-day slavery is done for personal and commercial gain by the people involved in the exploitation. 

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