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This contains 6 essay questions.Put answer under each of the questions (Essay Sample)


This contains 6 essay questions below. You are to choose FOUR of the questions and answer them as thoroughly as possible. Put answer under each of the questions. no copy and paste not plagiarize
1. How did the Atlantic slave trade end? What major political figures were involved in the process? Why did slavery continue in the Americas into the mid-1800s?

2. Why is the French and Indian War important to the study of African-American history?
3. Discuss the origins, development, and aftermath of the antiblack riots that took place during the 1830s and the 1840s. Why were they worst in Philadelphia?
4. What sparked the New York City draft riot? What underlying tensions in northern society did the riot reveal?
5. What were the black codes? What was the intent behind them?
6. What interpretations have historians employed to describe the conditions of slaves and the general character of slavery? Why have historians exhibited these differences of interpretation over time?


How did the Atlantic slave trade end? What major political figures were involved in the process? Why did slavery continue in the Americas into the mid-1800s?
Britain was the chief slave trading nation. However, on 25th March 1807, King George III banned slave trade by signing into law an Act for the Abolition of Slave Trade.
Aside from King George III, another notable political figure who was involved in the process of banning slave trade was American President Jefferson. Jefferson banned slave trade on Mrch 2nd 1807. However, this became effective as of 1808.
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