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Mahatma Gandhi: Glamour Of A World Leader (Essay Sample)


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Write an summary of the character's life. Mention some important event. And your thoughts about the character.


Mahatma Gandhi
The life of Mahatma Gandhi is one that is associated with the glamour of a world leader (Hardiman). He was not just a leader but he was also a spiritual leader for the Indians and later on would come to be a world renowned leader (Medellin). He is known for having had one of the most influential campaigns against the British rule. Born in the year 1869, in India, he grew up to become one of the most influential leaders in the world ("Mahatma Gandhi Biography |"). Even today, his influence is quite significant across the continent and more so in his homeland where he was both loved and hated in equal measures ("Gandhi Leads Civil Disobedience - Mar 12, 1930").
One of the aspects that has led to the popularity that he has gained over the years, is that he was the leader of the Independence Movement that was against the British rule in India (Smith). What is more, is the fact that Gandhi used nonviolent approaches in driving the British out of India and regaining the independence of the country ("Mahatma Gandhi Story : Leader Of The Indian Independence Movement Against British Rule"). He was born in Porbandar, India and would later study law. It is from his early days that he would become fond of the civil rights for the Indians, which at the time were taken away by the British (Sahadeo).
In reference to religion, Gandhi was an avid worshipper of the Hindu god, Vishnu and was also a follower of the Jainism religion ("Mahatma Gandhi"). It is important to note that, this is a religion that has been known to be quite vigorous when it comes to advocating for nonviolence means of achieving change and at the same time, it is also known for such practices such as fasting, vegetarianism and meditation (Radhakrishnan). During his study, he would go to London, between the years 1888 and 1891. Here, he further strengthened his beliefs and would not follow the vegetarian diet and even joined the vegetarian society (Ali). Later on, he proceeded to South Africa where he would continue to study world religions ("Mahatma Gandhi"). He further got deeper into the religious texts of the Hindu and even practiced what he learnt ("Mahatma Gandhi, Spiritual & Political Leader: Youth For Human Rights Champion"). For example he is known to have developed a lifestyle that could have been considered to be simple and largely associated with austerity, fasting, free from all manner of material goods and even practiced fasting more often ("Mahatma Gandhi - Human Rights"). This was a life that would now bring him closer to his goal and more importantly helped him to grow in faith relative to his religion ("Mahatma Gandhi Timeline").
He did not support the caste system that was being used in the India society, relative to the fact that, it was discriminating to most of the people given that for those that were considered the lower caste, they would be locked out of all the opportunities that the country had to offer ("Human Rights"). More importantly, the sy

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