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Significance Of The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike (Essay Sample)


Watch At The River I Stand
Write a 1-page (250-300 word) response paper on the following:
Based on your viewing of the film, what was the significance of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike? How does it relate to historical events that we have studied in our class? How does it relate to current events in the United States?


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At the River I Stand

After viewing the movie “At the Rive I Stand,” the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike was to protest after years of social and economic injustice. The African American sanitation workers were protesting because of poor working conditions after two workers died after being crushed to death in garbage compartments. After the death of the workers, their families were left in desperation because these workers were not afforded compensation or insurance. The workers went on strike and did not turn out to their work places the following day (Dockstader).

The film and the strike relate to the historical events related to events studied in class in regards to people fighting for their rights. This includes the civil rights movement, the women's rights,

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