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Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic (Essay Sample)

this is the instructions from my instructor: Essay #2: Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic The essays in Thomas Dublin's book raise questions about individuals and their relationship to ethnic and national identity. For your final assignment, write an essay discussing your own ethnic identity and that of your ancestors (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles). How far back can you go to trace your ethnic roots? What aspects of ethnic culture (language, traditions, customs, holidays) do you or your family preserve? To what extent have you and your family accepted assimilation into “American” culture? If you feel you are fully assimilated or are you more acculturated? What makes this so? In this context, what does it mean to be an American? If you are an immigrant or an international student, explain how your experience in America has or has not been influenced by your interactions in American society. Have you adopted new customs? How do you try to maintain the culture of your home nation? All students must compare and contrast their stories of assimilation and/or ethnic identity to at least one of the essays presented in the Dublin book, Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic. Essay Mechanics: The main focus of this assignment is to discuss the influence of ethnicity (and national identity) on your life. This assignment must be typed, double-spaced, carefully proofread, and between four and five pages in length. I encourage you to model your essays on the experiences of the students in the Dublin book, so show you used the book. You may also seek outside sources for this essay, and/or interview your parents or grandparents, and/or draw upon your own experiences ..... Ok I will give you back ground about me. I'm an international student from Saudi Arabia. I'm Muslim and I know my seventh grand father, we always keep our roots as they call it in Saudi Arabia "CLear". I have been here in the U.S for 5 year and I influenced alot by americans and I like alot of things in their culture. However, I always try to keep my self Saudi and proud of my culture. I like how they are easy going and friendly people...etc. My parents lived in the U.S in Arizona for 7 years in late 70's early 80's and they courage me to come and study there. even my parents influenced by american such as they are open minded and they have friends from around the world..also I speck arabic and english if you need any more info let me know :) thank you source..
Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic
When going through the Dublin text, I was astonished and excited by the experiences of other people who had immigrated into America for search of better life opportunities. It became clear to me that though there are those who yearned to be American since birth and desired to immigrate, there were equally who landed here by fate. They would have wished to go back but the conditions at their place of origin just could not allow. The experiences of the people were also different. There were those who found it easy to assimilate the American culture simply because the Americans were good to them. However, the ride was not smooth for everyone. There were those that faced serious ethnic prejudices and had to persevere a lot of humiliation from the Americans.
My interest in the cultures of the immigrants and their struggle for assimilation could have been sparked by the fact that I am an international student in America, coming all the way from Saudi Arabia. I am a Muslim and very careful to observe my religious beliefs and practices. I therefore ascribe to the pilgrimage to Mecca, observe the hours of prayer and also believe in giving of alms to the poor. I do observe al the Islam religious guidelines. Also, as is true of most of my countrymen, we keep our family lines clear. I therefore know my lineage quite clearly, up to my seventh grandfather. Of course this would be surprising to a native American.
For the past five years, I have been studying in the US and the experiences have been good as far as I can tell. The decision to come over and study in America was reached purely due to academic reasons. Having lived in the Arizona, US for about seven years in the 1970s and 80s, my parents felt that an education in America would be good for my career advancement. Having no problem with the decision, I readily accepted and that is how I landed here. I find the Americans quite friendly, outgoing and open minded. Maybe that is the more reason why I feel so much at ease in interacting with them. I already feel so much at home. I have compared and contrasted my experiences with those of Sang Hoon Kim, who had immigrated into America from South Korea (143).
Kim`s parents had immigrated into America from South Korea due to the economic hardships in their country. Secondly, there were administration problems in Korea during the time of their immigration, and therefore the parents were seeking some form of freedom, which had been lost thanks to the dictatorial regime in their country. At that time, their country was under colonization by Japan and the dictatorial rule was so harsh that they could not bear it. Not only was their freedom curtailed, they were also banned from speaking the Korean language at all. D...
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