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If the Civil Rights movement never happened, would people of Color have the same or better rights here today? (Essay Sample)

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History Name Course University Tutor Date If the Civil Rights movement never happened, would people of Color have the same or better rights here today? Thesis statement: If the Civil Rights Movement never happened, the people of Color would not have the same rights they have today. This is because before the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was formed the African Americans encountered many problems of injustice and discrimination because of their color. There was no movement at that time that could liberate them from their predicament. When NAAPC was born, it was like a new life given to them. This civil rights movement fought for their rights from the lowest level to the highest level in the government. They felt that their culture was identified and respected. They were able to vote for their candidates, something they could not have done before. Thus, the people of color enjoy some of their rights today because of the role that NAACP played when it was formed (Harris & Terborg-Penn 89). The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was a movement formed by white liberals who were against the assault made against the African Americans and some African American who had founded the Niagara Movement. It was the first movement that involved a mixture of both the whites and African Americans. NAACP played a significant role to ensure civil rights and social justice of the people. There was no other movement that had shown so much impact to the communal structure. The NAACP acted as America’s ethics while at the same time serving to abolish the problem of racial discrimination which faced the African Americans (Neill 78). For a period of ten years, riots against African American had taken over the U.S. in 1910, sixty intellectuals met to establish a committee to solve the problem. This committee was later named the NAACP. The organization goal was to form peace and justice in the nation. Although the civil war had liberated people from slavery, it had not promised any rights to them. The African Americans were isolated from the whites. They could not dine in the same hotels, or go to schools together and other social places. The NAACP fought discrimination and intolerance, through teaching and taking legal actions (Dye & Zeigler 67). Before 1915, African Americans were restricted from voting, if their grandfather had not voted. Through the NAACP, the court was able to eliminate these laws. Throughout the century, this new founded organization encouraged the African American in the country to unite and fight for their rights. It also led to establishment of human rights awareness groups around the globe. By the year 1954, the NAACP had made the segregation laws to be announced unlawful. During that time, it was the biggest civil rights movement globally with 500,000 mem...
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