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Outlaws of the American West (Essay Sample)

Research Outlaws of the American West. Write at least a 500 word response on your research. Make sure to cite your sources and include any website/pictures you may have found. source..
Outlaws of the American West
The essay is an in depth analysis of outlaws of the American west. By definition, an outlaw or outlaws are individuals who are living outside the existing law and for that reason are being pursued by the relevant authorities. American west comprises of any region that is situated west of River Mississippi. It is worth noting from the onset that expansion in this region was very quick leading to the region being a head of the authorities implementing laws of the land. Historically, outlaws goes back since the existence of man. In India these individual formed groups having a distinct sign, symbol and slang while they sort to protect themselves (The American West par. 1).
The result was vigilante groups being formed which meant that citizen took the law into their hands. These mechanisms so to it reduction on outlawry, the offenders was given a chance to be heard before judgment were made. If found guilty depending on the magnitude of the offense the offender was forced out of town or hugged (The American West par. 3). The body was buried with the rope exposed on the earth surface. The advancement in communication (development of telegram) is what brought law and order in America. Initially men on horse back were relied upon to convey information regarding outlaws to the relevant authority
It is asserted that the end of the American war in 1865 is what made many soldier assume the life of crime. These individual could not establish themselves and engage...
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