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Women Societies or Traditions in Ancient Egypt and Archaic Greece (Essay Sample)


Hi, the topic of this course is about women and gender in pre-modern european history. So just focus on the women and gender part of the history material. I have attached both primary sources and secondary sources of ARCHAIC GREECE and ancient Egypt. I also attached the powerpoint slides of these two classes. So you might use some knowledge from that if you want. Before you write the essay and after you write the essay, please check the essay requirement i attached. That tells you the details what the professor wants.
Last but the most important thing, please do not plagiarism, when you use some sources just cite them, please.The professor is very picky about that.
Thank you so much.


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Women Societies or Traditions in Ancient Egypt and Archaic Greece
During the ancient world, women enjoyed limited rights, and this was witnessed in both the ancient Greece and Egypt. In Sparta and Athens, women also played very few roles when it came to political and social activities that took place in their societies. Studies have also shown that the two societies differed from each other, and their roles differed from one city-state to another (O'pry 7). Evidence also shows that numerous differences were experienced in terms of the roles that were played by women in Egypt and Greece in their civic, political, and family lives. Egypt is recognized as the leader in uplifting the rights and powers of women. However, the rights of women in both countries were similar, although their opinions, deeds and thoughts were rarely recorded. This paper compares and analyzes women societies or traditions in ancient Greece and Egypt.
The exact time when the Greek world begun cannot be accurately described, but it is estimated that the Minoans on Crate can be dated back to 2000-1450 BCE (Lecture_05 1). However, the history of women and gender more in Greece and Egypt has a number of similarities and differences. The origins of the Indo Europeans and Mycenaeans on the mainland is recorded as 1400-1200 while the gradual colonization of the Archaic Greece started during 800-500 BCE (Lecture-05 1). This also marked the period when artists started to paint and make sculptures of the archaic Greek figurine and the Minoan figurine.
* From the primary sources, readers are able to understand that Greek women had minor rights compared to men.
* Second, readers learn that Crete was the main origin of Minoan civilization while Mycenae was the origin of Mycanaean civilization, which includes the islands of Sparta, Athens and Lesbos (Lecture-05 2).
* However, readers are unable to learn the specific role of women in archaic Greek since the primary sources have not described them.
* Nevertheless, the secondary source argues that women were child-bearers while a few of them did mysterious activities for the interests of colonization (Pomeroy 33).
In ancient Egypt, there were certain variability in the ancient cultures of

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