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Reflective Adventure And Mariner Who Travels Along River Congo (Essay Sample)


Use direct quotes from the readings attached for the comparative analysis section. For "Heart of Darkness," the link to the reading is: https://www(dot)planetebook(dot)com/free-ebooks/heart-of-darkness.pdf


Comparative Analysis
Author’s Name:
Comparative Analysis
Heart of Darkness is a play which bases on Marlow, a reflective adventure and mariner who travels along river Congo to meet with Kurtz who is perceived to be a hopeful person with extraordinary ability. Upon arriving in Cong, Marlow becomes a riverboat commander in Kurtz organization; a Belgian apprehension which was founded to enhance business in Congo. During his voyage to Africa, Marlow learns that Africans are subjected to ruthlessness and wastefulness, especially around Kurtz’s Company’s stations. Marlow also finds out that Kurtz has constrained the surrounding inhabitants to his company and forces them to overwork and toil under inhumane conditions and ill-treatment under the watch of his managers. The misery and cruelty of imperial business differ with the majestic and impassive jungle which encamps the environs of the white man, which paints an image of staying in an island of paradise in the middle of suffering locales.
On the other hand, Discourse on Colonialism is a paper that was initially composed in French by Aimé Césaire and distributed in 1950. This original work by Césaire starts with a phrase that the European continent is currently suffering from two diversities: thus; the problem of moral hypocrisy and that of colonialism and expansionism. In his article, Césaire vividly explicates on the thesis by identifying and distinguishing between the two into groups where he refers to bourgeois as writers, scholars, and European academia while he relates to expansionism as the colonized workers. On the latter, the author appreciates their ability and role in colonizing other people by use of their knowledge dissemination and skills endorsement led to widespread spiritual contradictions and expression of morals. He continues to direct a scholarly examination of composing by various present day middle class masterminds whose thoughts have empowered the thriving of Europe as a frontier power.
The incredible historical disaster of Africa from days of yore to date is the negative picture which settlers have introduced to legitimize their provincial triumphs. Africa is spoken to in an increasingly negative way by Western talks. Toward West Africa is destructive and dangerous to itself. Africa is said to be unsafe to itself as well as it endangers each spirit that goes into it. The West in an offer to legitimize their frontier structures they present an Africa which is retrogressive, crude, which is brimming with indecencies never temperance to overwhelm the African physical space, improving the locals’ minds and dealing with their old associations as stipulated by Mudimbe (1988).
All through his article, Césaire questions the European colonialist motivation to educate the colonized individuals when the colonizers appear to institute the most savage brutality. He criticizes the cutting edge of a familiar mastermind by using academic and linguistic strengths to cover the savage of European colonialists. The viciousness varies from persons of a different color to the type of work they are assigned. This leads away from empowering and promoting civilization and industrialization in colonized countries to promoting slavery and racism. Nevertheless, Césaire underscores the severe and inhumane inheritance of savagery, which was exacted to people in the countries where European imperialism colonized. Research reveals that Césaire follows the different types of frontier savagery which the present day middle-class masterminds speak about. Césaire further deduces that the example of barbarity hints at the po

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