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Iodine deficiency, pregnancy and the effects on the infant (Essay Sample)

I will email you all the information, and you can choose any from the list except Cinnamon and diabetes. 3 article have to be peer reviewed and not older than 2007. the articles and essay has to be about a relationship of a nutrient and a disease. please follow all the instructors.the articles is due friday so if you can send me the article sooner i would appreciate it. source..
Iodine deficiency, pregnancy and the effects on the infant
Course title:
Iodine deficiency, pregnancy and the effects on the infant
Article 1 – Iodine status in late pregnancy and psychosocial determinants of iodized salt use in rural northern Viet Nam
The chief idea of the article was to investigate and ascertain the iodine status among pregnant women in rural northern Viet Nam, and to explore psychosocial predictors of the use of iodized salt in their households. Participants included 413 pregnant women who were registered in health stations within randomly selected communes in the Ha Nam province of Viet Nam.
The most important information in this article is that iodized salt use was lower among the nilliparous women, less educated women, small-scale traders or factory workers, government workers and women who had common mental disorders. In addition, iodine deficiency is recurring in Viet Nam since the National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control (NIDDC) programme was shelved. This trend is of concern particularly among pregnant women in both rural and urban areas, who all face the risk of acquiring an Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD). A vast majority of pregnant women in the study had Urinary Iodine Concentrations (UICs) that was lower than the recommended safe threshold, and in overall, the cohort had moderate iodine deficiency. There is a median UIC of 63 µg/1 in 776 women in Viet Nam’s Ho Chi Minh City. The study found that the decline in using iodized salt in Viet Nam since the 2005 suspension of NIDDC programme has placed many pregnant women together with their babies in rural areas at risk of developing iodine deficiency disorders. Moreover, psychological factors also influence the use of iodized salt.
The strength of this article is that the study used a methodically recruited, large and representative cohort/collection of women who were prospectively followed. Another strength is that psychological and biological data were collected to investigate the prevalence as well as predictors of UIC and of the use of iodized salt. The major weakness is that the frequency and amount of iodized salt use were not assessed.
Fisher, Jane, Thach Tran, Beverly Biggs, Tuan Tran, Terry Dwyer, Gerard Casey, Dang Hai Tho & Basil Hetzel. Iodine Status in Late Pregnancy and Psychosocial Determinants of Iodized Salt Use in Rural North Viet Nam. 2011. Web.
Search engine: Ebsco-host online library
Keywords: iodine deficiency, iodized salt, pregnancy
Articles found: 13, I selected this one since it was the most comprehensive and provided a much reliable study regarding the subject matter.
Article 2 – Iodine deficiency in pregnant women and the effects of maternal iodine supplementation on the offspring: a review
The objective of the article was to investigate on the effects of severe and mid-to-moderate maternal iodine deficiency on the offspring, and how it may lead t...
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