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Being A Single Parent: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Essay Sample)

¡§Should people make the choice to be single parents?" You can use my thesis that I attached but feel free to change it. Second image is the simple structure. source..
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Being A Single Parent: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The previous centuries have brought so much change to mankind that that the society in which man moves in has also changed drastically. Indeed, things and acts that were considered to be taboo before are now widespread, and almost accepted as a norm. One of these things is being a single parent. Societal data has shown that more and more individuals are choosing to become single parents. Still, despite this "normalcy;, the state of being a single parent still brings with it problems, not only for the persons involved but also for the society.
Thus, in relation, this paper will look into the said effects of being a single parent. Firstly, this paper will first look into the trends and literature involving single parenthood. From these, the specific effects of being a single parent will be extracted further. In the course of these discussions, this paper will answer the question: Ultimately, this paper will attempt to answer the question: should people make the decision of becoming single parents? Most importantly, this paper will attempt to prove that the effects of being a single parent are financial problems, time management problems, and negative childhood experience for the little ones.
Single Parenthood: A Background
Single parenthood can be a result of numerous various causes. The most of these reasons is perhaps the divorce of a couple, leaving one party as the sole caretaker of the child. Still, it may also stem from cases of teenage pregnancy where the female gets pregnant and the other partner fails to assist the female in the parenting process. Nonetheless, single parenthood can also come from an individual`s decision to raise a child on his/her own either through adoption or through the use of surrogate donors (as source of sperm) and carriers (as in the case of surrogate pregnancy).In an article published by the New York T...
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