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Importants of the blood supply (Essay Sample)

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Blood supply, which is the continuous flow of the blood in the body, plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing body physiological, metabolically, hormonal balance, regulatory, reproduction, immunity and other major and minor functions of body cells and organs. Blood which is composed of plasma and cells is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which all play vital role for our survival.
Without blood supply, key body functions would stall leading to death, this being reason why cardio pulmonary resuscitation is normally initiated whenever there is heart failure. Some of key functions of blood circulation are removal of waste products from the body. Our bodies require an efficient mechanism of getting rid of waste, which if left in our bodies, can build up to high levels of toxic. For example, carbon dioxide needs to be eliminated from body as efficiently as possible. This is made possible through circulation of blood which through lungs, it is viable for the body to get rid of carbon dioxide. Other wastes include urine through the loop of Henry among other body wastes (Ballard 45).
Blood supply in the body leads to supply of required nutrients and other components like oxygen to the body. It is through blood circulation that the body is able to receive nutrients from digested food substances, hence making physiological body processes operational. Hormones are also transported through blood. With an effective blood supply in the body, different body hormones that perform different tasks in our body are able to get to their destination within the body. Subsequently, our body needs an effective and efficient defence mechanism against pathogens and other disease causing organism. This ability is only made possible through blood supply...
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