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Sex Education (Essay Sample)

Think back on all the things you learned about sex & sexuality while growing up from sources such as family, school, friends, TV, mouis, magazines, Internet, and boy/girlfriends. Which of those things that you learned turned out to be ture, and which turned out to be false? Describe your reactions when you first learned about some of the "facts", true or not, about sex. If you learn later that something turned out to be false, how you found out and what your reaction were. Did the false your journey to the truth about sex. source..
Running head: Sex Education
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When we are young, we live a life - free of cares and worries but as we start growing and come of age we face the realities of life and we have to make all the decisions of our lives ourselves. So how you nurture the young mind is very important as it gives them a direction to follow throughout their lives and helps in making decisions. When a child reaches the age of puberty he has got lots of questions to be answered in his mind. At this time parents are the ones who first observe the physiological, emotional and psychological changes in the child. When I was young, I found my parents very proactive in this matter, always encouraging me to feel free to ask anything about sexuality. So like all teens I had different basic questions in my mind regarding sex which were well responded by my parents and it formed the basis of my knowledge about sex. But still curiosity in your mind incites you to look for more information.
Mostly children hesitate asking questions about sex from their parents and they prefer utilizing other available sources of information that could quench the thirst of their curiosity. In today`s world electronic media is the best available pool of information for teens and it is the one which is mostly utilized by youngsters. You can get here information almost about everything in this world. So I prefer using internet for any kind of information about sex that I need to asking my parents and getting embarrass. So, when you start browsing through internet you see a plethora of advertisements about sex which can mislead you- this is something I realized later. If you go through it you find the websites with sexual imagery that arouse libido. You have an unlimited access to hard-core pornography with a single click through internet and it evokes the coitus at an early age among children. Having an immature mind, unaware about the future consequences of what they are going to do, young people just simply follow what they see.
Same is the case with television shows, cinemas and magazines. Several programs containing sexy and erotic scenes are broadcasted. The concept of sex in the cinema and simulated sex stuffs excess through internet perverts the young mind. When you plan to go for a movie on a weekend, you have got a number of sexy and erotic pictures to be viewed. If yo...
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