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˜How I Bluffed My Way through College by Kate Harding (Essay Sample)


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Rhetorical analysis of ‘How I Bluffed My Way through College' by Kate Harding
This is a literary piece that evaluates the rhetorical analysis of one of the articles by Kate Harding, titled ‘How I Bluffed My Way through College'. This article was featured in the online magazine called the Salon Magazine and had been lifted from her blog. The main aspect behind writing an analysis of the article is to bring across the theme and meaning that, Harding was trying to let her audience in on, when the article was first published online in the year 2011 (Harding). This piece is targeted at my instructor in the course and my colleges in the class. This is a piece that is quite crucial relative to the fact that we are in college and the viewpoints expressed in the article by Harding have a direct impact in our studies and behavior as students.
In the article, Harding brings out the various struggles that she had while taking her degree in campus. Much of it relates to the fact that she struggled to maintain the respect and adoration of her elders, relative to her reading patterns and earning abilities and more so her focus. She has also had other blog posts from her blog published on the Salon Magazine; however of interest in this piece is the one she wrote about her learning experiences while taking her degree education (Harding). She takes the readers through her experiences with an attitude that borders sarcasm and self-pity. This leaves the readers in position where they have to decide on their own, whether, what the writer went through in her learning experience was largely her fault or that of her environment at school and at home.
Reading through the article, there is one very crucial aspect that I can pick out, in relations to her behavior and her abilities at learning. According to the English teacher, Mr. White, she would not become a cheerleader but she had the genuine will and ability to learn. He also...
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