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thunder heart movie analysis (Essay Sample)

DON'T: DON'T use 1st person or statements that refer to your personal opinion, for example: "I think", "I believe", "I noticed", "In my opinion", etc. This is an analysis paper of issues portrayed in the films, NOT your personal opinion of the movie DON'T use 2nd person statements, for example: "YOU have to", "When YOU see..." or anything containing the word "YOU" / "YOUR". These kind of statements make your papers sound informal and less than academic. DON'T summarize the films, we've all seen them, get straight to the issues analysis part. DON'T review the films, that is not the purpose of the paper. DON'T use contractions (he's, it's, didn't, etc.) Spell it out (he is, it is, did not, etc) DON'T waste your time writing about cinematographic styles or the "planning" of the movie itself.Any papers addressing these topics will automatically receive a failing grade, since it will be assumed that the student has ignored the guidelines and completely missed the point of the class itself. DON'T stretch your papers with unusual letter fonts, spacing or plain rambling. We will discount points for any of these things. DO: WRITE a paper with a clear structure, that has an introduction, body and conclusion. THINK critically about the issues portrayed in the movies and read the supporting articles on Blackboard to get a better grip on issues. CHECK the guidelines and the example papers posted on Blackboard's Course Information tab to have a better idea of what a good paper looks like. CITE your sources if you chose to use other information - Otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism BECOME FAMILIAR with the term "Urban Planning" if you need to. USE proper language, grammar and punctuation, if you are unsure about your writing skills use the resources available at ASU, such as the Writing Center. PROOF-READ and use spell check. source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Thunder Heart Movie Analysis Introduction Thunder Heart is an American contemporary movie which was founded in 1992 and was directed by Michael Apted. It is based on a fictional story of a Wounded Knee incident which occurred in 1973. The film focuses much on the American Indian movement which had seized the Wounded Knee, and was protesting against the exploitative federal government policy on the Native Americans. Thunder Heart movie therefore aimed at exploring some civil topics such as discrimination, murder and political activism which was evident in America. The American Indian movement which was founded in 1968 aimed at bringing together all the Native American people in both Minneapolis and Minnesota. The movement was established in order to pursue spirituality, leadership and sovereignty as their main agendas. This paper seeks to analyze the main issues in Thunder Heart movie. As it can be observed from the movie, the main purpose for the formation of the American Indian Movement was to address the problems which the Native Americans in the urban centers like Minneapolis were experiencing. Problems like poverty, housing and police harassments were some of the key issues which the movement intended to quell. The continued mobilization of people through campaign to join the movement made the movement attract members from other parts in the U.S and Canada. In order to pursue their agenda, the movement gathered their members from all over the country in Washington. The main aim of the meeting was to let the movement gain more attention to the federal government. They therefore referred the gathering as the trial of...
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