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TCP/IP and its vulnerabilities. Techniques of attacks (Essay Sample)


It must address a technical audience
must be done in proper English
must include real world examples
no less that 1500 words
12 size font

Paper must be in MLA style form. Here is a guide: http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/747/01/
Please use legitimate sources. Wikipedia is not consider a reliable source. Use books, articles, and academic white papers.
The final paper should be no less than 1500 words, double space and 12 size font.
Include a Work Cited page.
Include heading with name, instructor name, course, and date.
Final submission needs to be done via the assignments link under
"Final Paper". No emails, they will not be consider for grading.
I want to list some of the things that the paper should address:
It must address a technical audience. Think of our book the format and how it addresses you the reader.
This is not a Literature or English course; however, the paper must be done using proper English and grammar. Please use the appropriate Academic/Formal writing style.
The paper must include real-world examples. Using such examples explain the technical knowledge behind the subject. For example if it is a security breach. What were the flaws? How did the intruder discover such flaws? What was the financial cost for the organization? What do you recommend to protect from future attacks?
You must have at least 4 different sources.• The paper must be done using the MLA style form. Please do not forget to include a conclusion and a work cited page.
This final paper summarizes the overall knowledge acquired in this course. It gives you the opportunity to put in practice your technical skills as a security analyst. Furthermore, from here you have developed a new talent towards the implementation of a secure IT environment whether is at work or home.


Professor’s Name:
Due Date:
The acronyms TCP refers to Transmission Control Protocol and IP refers to Internet Protocol. Internet protocol deals directly with the routing packets of data across computers or routers. However, the TCP ensures the delivery of data packets through a reliable channel across computers. There exists various vulnerabilities or rather design weakness as far as the security and privacy of the TCP/IP is concerned. In essence, some of these vulnerabilities relate to protocol design whereas the remaining attributable to software defects responsible for implementing the protocols. The different protocol weaknesses could be attributable to either the design of the protocol or the configuration, deployment as well as the daily operation of the DNS servers. Basically all the major Operating systems (OS) have utilized improvements especially in their implementation of what is referred to as the protocol stack that helps in mitigating different attacks. However, there have been different nature of enhancements of the TCP/IP that have been developed where several involve intensive use of encryption that requires the use of more computing power (Acharya et al., 69).

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