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My Experience In Business And Marketing (Essay Sample)


This marketing reflection should be easy for you. In 250-300 words please provide a response to the following:
1) What have been the highlights of this course for you?
2) What have been the challenges?
3) How has your opinion about the marketing industry changed now that you have covered the basics of marketing?






My Experience in Business and Marketing

The world can be termed as one big marketplace. Humans are ever in need of some products or services. Most of these services have a price tag on them and are provided by multiple entities. This huge marketplace with its multitude of players has always fascinated me, triggering the curiosity to get to the depths of its dynamics, the forces that keep all the players satisfied, as well as the strategies that help pull consumers to the shelves regardless of the economic situation. That is why getting into this course was a crucial thing for me. I came in loaded with expectations and I have not been disappointed so far. The several questions I had are being answered one by one, lesson after another.

A business is as good as its customer

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