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Hong Kong's Bond Market Marketing Assignment et (Essay Sample)


students can prepare presentation on financial markets, financial institutions, market structure and the different with other market like US bond market, and finish a report of selected topics related to the contents of the course. you can read the PPT which I upload to get the information about this class!


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Hong Kong's Bond Market
Hong Kong is a former British colony and an autonomous territory that is based in southeastern China. It is considered an important port and global financial hub, having a skyscraper-studded skyline. It’s safe to say that Hong Kong has a liberal debt market and that international investors are always interested in investing in Hong Kong. They are given a free hand in this regard and are attracted toward the debt instruments issued in China.
Amazingly, there is no restriction on foreign investors or borrowers, tapping the domestic debt market in order to finance their businesses. With time, the bond market of Hong Kong has attracted all major investors and multimillionaires toward it, who want to invest millions to billions of dollars in a market that guarantees great outcomes.
Investors and issuers, belonging to the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia like big lands, sometimes hesitate to invest in domestic markets, and the reason is said to be a limited number of offers given to them. Compared to this, the bond market of Hong Kong is well versed, and this is the only place in the world where foreign currencies are invested in a large number almost daily.
The wide range of product offerings, easy and open access for investors or marketers (both domestically and internationally) and a significant number of offshore RMB bond insurances make Hong Kong the best and safest bond market in not only Asia but also worldwide.
In the past, the bond market of China (Hong Kong) was not as powerful and famous as it is today. Now the public sector bonds come in different forms, such as government bonds, Exchange Fund Bills and Notes (EFBNs), bonds issued by statutory bodies and bonds issued by government-related corporat

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