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Create A Own Product And The Whole Business Model (Essay Sample)


create a own product(such as phone charger, speaker, or anything else) and create the whole business model like how the business work and how to sell it. Everything else the writer need to know is in the file. Didn't put how many sources the writer is going to use, use as much as the writer need.


Professor's Name:
Neesan Speakers
A business model needs to be specific enough while detailing everything a company would need to transform their product into cash. A company's focus must not always be on the product and how good it should be (Zwilling, 2015). However, a company must encompass aspects such as marketing and advertising, delivery channels, the key resources to be used, value propositions, a vivid description of the customer segments, the various revenue streams, the key or crucial partnerships, and cost structure. The above aspects are indeed essential to ensure one's company gets to gain from whichever product they wish to produce. According to Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart, “strategy has been the primary building block of competitiveness over the past three decades, but in the future, the quest for sustainable advantage may well begin with the business model” (2011). Therefore, the above aspects are quite crucial and should lead to a business having a competitive advantage. At Neesan, we understand the importance of each aspect identified above and consider each one an important part of our success. We understand that defining or designing the right business model will not guarantee us a perfect start or run at the market but that it will help us understand our business and our market better.
A Quick Introduction to Neesan Speakers
Neesan speakers promise to gift you an experience you will never forget. Over the years, companies like Sony, Philips, LG, and Panasonic dominated with their products. However, currently, these companies are being given headache by smaller but highly efficient companies. These companies went and dug deeper and discovered everything these major companies ignored. Factors such as customer satisfaction, market segmentation, etc. and used this new knowledge to slowly but surely put a significant dent on these monopolies. Neesan speakers are part of this new breed which are aptly tailored to meet the clients' needs. We not only embrace new technology like wireless technology, offer several connectivity options (jack, USB port, etc.), but have also included memory card reading capability. Neesan speakers promise you the ultimate audio experience and we believe you will be impressed.
Neesan Speakers Business Model Elements
Key Partners
Our key partners include mainly laptop, smartphone, tablet companies and distribution partners. It is our goal to have these companies consider using our speakers as their preferred option. All over the world, people buy and use computers, smartphones, and tablets, therefore, by having our spea

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