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During Season 7 Episode 13 Of The Shark Tank Show (Essay Sample)


Shark Tank Assignment Requirements
1. Watch any episode of Shark Tank
2. Respond to the following questions for each week�s assignment. Your responses should be single spaced, include the questions below and not to exceed one page.
3, Please print your review and bring to class on the due date assigned by the professor.
Questions that must be answered:
1. What product/service is being introduced?
2. What were 3 strengths of the presenters?
3. What were 3 weaknesses of the presenters?
4. Were they able to obtain buy-in from the SHARKS? If so, how much? If not, why not?
5. Offer 3 recommendations to the presenters?

J. Shark Tank
There are three types of products introduced during season 7, episode 13 of the Shark Tank show. The first product was Spretz which functioned as both a mouth and hand freshener. The product aimed at mitigating the burden of having more than one product for mouth and hand freshening. The second service was Hungry Harvest that offered grocery to homes as a way of reducing food wastage. Thirdly, the Controlled Chaos was a hair product for curly hairs.
The presenters were enthusiastic about selling their innovative products to the Sharks. For instance, the Spretz presenters were entertaining and great marketers of their product. They showed great energy in marketing their product to an extent of rhyming lyrical words. Presenters believed in their product or service as innovative and ideal for the market. This exhibited their passion and desire to acquire support and investment opportunities from the Sharks. Also, they had good delivery skills that drew the attention of the Shanks. A part from few, the presenters were able to precisely communicate their products and their objectives for meeting the Sharks. Such an attribute made unleashed their knowledgeable ability and confidence of their products. In this manner, they were to connect and attract investment opportunities from the Sharks.
However, some of the presenters failed to support their claims on the viability of their product and service. Also, their funding requests were below the required amount to boost their business which indicating poor financial planning. Some lacked substantial knoweldege of their products and their strategic plan. Additionally, some exhibited a lack of direction that would cost their business. For instance, no team work was portrayed by the Controlled Chaos. One lady took off the show leading to her expressing the weaknesses of their services and products instead of the strengths.
Hungry Harvest and Contr...
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