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Interference of Cell Membrane. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


In a short paper discuss a compound or substance that interferes with cellular passive transport (a poison, or a compound that interferes with cell membrane function). Describe what the compound is, how the compound interferes with diffusion/osmosis or membrane function. Describe how this substance might be introduced to the body, and if there is an antidote or medical mediation that one might need if they were exposed to this substance. Submit via Google Classroom.


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Interference of Cell Membrane
Poison such as aerosols are substances that cause damage to living tissues and have a severe impact on the body if inhaled, injected through the skin, or ingested. For poison to create toxicity, enough quantity of that chemical should be fascinated into the body. Since the substance must pass through numerous membranes before it enters the plasma, the capability of the substance to cross these lipid-rich membranes regulates if it will be fascinated and that capability depends on the substance’s phospholipid solubility.
The cell membrane is comprised of two phospholipid layers; the phospholipid molecules each contain a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic end. A substance tends to liquefy more freely in substances of the same polarity. When the poison enters the cell membrane, it first binds with a carrier protein in the cell membrane and the diffuse thro

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