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Object-Based Analysis: New Pieces Of Art (Essay Sample)


Choose two scholarly peer-reviewed pieces of writing that either directly address the object is chosen or the artist/culture that made it.
Write a 5-page essay engaging your formal and contextual analysis and the views taken by the authors that you have read. Your essay should have a title and thesis statement about the work of art.
Include the name/title of the object in your introductory paragraph. Use 12 pt. “Times New Roman font, ”!!standard 1-inch margins, double-spaced. Please include page numbers and images. CITE YOUR SOURCES (MLA or Chicago format)
Use simple English


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Object-Based Analysis
Art is an embracing notion (theater, painting, literature, music and so on). For years, it has played a significant role in shaping the lives of humans. The first artwork was found on the walls of an ancient cave. Later on, scientists kept searching for new pieces of art and came up with a lot of discoveries and inventions. Today, art is considered the most vivid form of expression, feelings, and emotions. The two art pieces described in this paper (Large Korean Porcelain Jar and Asian Dragon Jar) possess their own characteristics. They are unique in a lot of ways and make us learn various new things (Fung 14). It seems that the Korean porcelain jar is far better than the Asian dragon jar; here is how!
The large Korean porcelain jar looks very appealing and has a substantial size and a robust shape. One of the most distinctive and prominent features of this art piece is its color combination. There are only two colors (white and blue) and I must admit that the painter has combined two of the shades remarkably and amazingly. Instead of creating a sophisticated look, he chose a simple, elegant, decent yet impressive design for the Korean porcelain jar. By looking closely, I could see that this jar was surmounted by a prominent, upright neck having a diameter similar to that of the base. Not only this but also it swelled dramatically above its waist, creating a perfect balance between beauty and symmetry. Two large-sized dragons were beautifully carved on the sides of this jar, in silver and light-blue shades, and their feet extended towards flaming pearls (Allen 15).
Besides its design, the entire surface of the Korean porcelain jar had a gorgeous sheen and satin-like texture, and this is what made it a better choice than the Asian jar. It belongs to the 18th century, and that is an era when porcelains were common in both Korea and China. In these two states, 15th to 18th century was a period of unsurpassed greatness. A large number of artists, including Xuande and Chenghua, came up with remarkable artworks and the production of porcelain was common in those days. The Asian dragon jar, on the other hand, belongs to the 19th century. It is also very beautiful and impressive but is least important for me than that of the Korean porcelain jar. First of all, this dragon jar contains vibrant colors (Fung 14).
The combination of blue and white is similar to that of the Korean porcelain jar, but its blue shade is quite dark and out of context. Much of the entire body has been covered with a dragon and cloud design, in which another four-clawed dragon seems to be appearing suddenly with exaggerated expressions on its face. In those days, such jars were basically used in wedding and birthday ceremonies as well as nightclubs, to hold water, wine, and flowers. Furthermore, it has kiln gr

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