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Taylor's Scientific Theory of Management in Modern Day Workplaces (Essay Sample)


You have a choice of the following four essay options. The essay accounts for 75% of the total marks for the module and must demonstrate wide reading around your chosen option.
The essay will need to be informed mainly by relevant academic, sociology of work-related sources , although government and other reports and newspaper articles, are also potentially relevant sources of material.
Choose one from the following 4 essay titles.
Option 1:
Emotional and aesthetic labour are increasingly common in modern workplaces. What possible reasons for this are given in the literature, and does it matter? Support your answer with references to the core text book and/or your wider reading.
Option 2:
Discuss the claim that the ghost of Taylorism is still evident in modern workplaces. Support your answer with references to the core text book and/or your wider reading.
Option 3:
"The reason that people work is in order to earn money to live”. Critically evaluate this statement. Support your answer with references to the core text book and/or your wider reading.
Option 4:
Choose one of the following concepts and discuss its impact on workers and organisations. Unfair discrimination
Word Count: 3,000 words (excluding references). Submission Deadline: 13.00 on Tuesday May 2nd.
Harvard referencing requiered.


Taylor's Scientific Theory of Management in Modern Day WorkplacesBy (Name) CourseTutorDate
Management is one of the essential parts of an organization since it has remarkable effects on an organization. Management can be defined as a set of activities that includes planning, decision-making, organizing, leading and controlling the various activities that take place within an organization with the aim of achieving the organizational goals and objectives in an efficient and effective manner CITATION Koo90 \l 1033 (Koontz & Weihrich, 1990). It can also be defined as the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which the individuals who work within the organization can be able to work together in groups in an efficient manner so that they can achieve their goals.
Human beings began forming social organizations so that they can be able to accomplish the aims and objectives that they cannot be able to accomplish as individuals. As such, management is essential to ensure that there is coordination of the individual efforts towards achieving the aims. As the society continuously relies on the group effort and as the organized groups increase in number and size, the task of managers has been increasing in importance and complexity. Management theory is very crucial in the way that the managers manage complex organizations. The first management theory is popularly referred to as Frederick Taylor's Scientific Management.
The central thesis of the paper is to discuss the relevance of Frederick Winslow Taylor's Scientific Management Theory in the modern workplace. He is the father of the era of modern management.
Ghost of Taylorism in Modern Workplaces
Frederick Taylor was born into an affluent Philadelphia family and studied engineering at Steven's Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He began his early career as an apprentice and common laborer. He then advanced to become a chief engineer CITATION Mil10 \l 1033 (Miller, 2010). He had direct observations of the men whom he worked with, and it led him to develop what is known as the motivation theory. It would later be called the management theory.
Taylor called this method scientific management. From Taylor's point of view, although he was benevolent towards the workers saw human labor to be something that is analogous to machine work. As such it needs to be “engineered” so that it can achieve efficiency CITATION Maq11 \l 1033 (Maqbool, et al., 2011). His theories of management are promoted worldwide, and they took more root in Japan than in the US or Europe.
Taylor sought to overthrow management by the rule of thumb and then replace it with actually timed observations leading the one that would be regarded as the best practice. He also advocated for the systematic training of the workers as one of the best management practices rather than allowing them to have personal discretion in their tasks CITATION Sch101 \l 1033 (Schachter, 2010). He also believed that workload would be shared among the workers and the management evenly with the management on one side performi

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