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Immigrants services in Auburn LGA in Sydney (Essay Sample)

write conclusion for this study which I will send it include; -- five paragraph... each paragraph talk about one of research questions. ---paragraph 1"Immigrants services in Auburn LGA in Sydney' --- paragraph 2 "What specific services do they need and whether the current services are meeting their needs" ----paragraph 3"What specific services do they need and whether the current services are meeting their needs" ----paragraph 4"What specific services do they need and whether the current services are meeting their needs" paragraph 5" limitation study" ............. please make sure" this conclusion like any conclusion without any subheading ,but each parag talk about study result liking with one question source..
Most of the immigrants to Australia are the skilled or semi skilled employees who compete for jobs with the skilled employees in Australia. There are also asylum seekers and adoption of refugees who form most of the Australian migrant society. It`s therefore a fact that Australia has really invited most immigrants in terms of refugees. Hence, the government of Australia has the responsibility of offering adequate services to the immigrants. The dear need of provision of services such as settlements, education, healthcare, counseling services and provision of Jobs because for refugees they have been ejected from their home in a hurry therefore they had not planned of settling there (Department of Immigration and Citizenship, 2010).
However, for asylum it`s even worse because they are mostly victim of war, abuse and internal conflicts. One the main service which they get is settlements services. This is provided at the point of arrival which the government acknowledges the migrants register them and provide them with a place to stay. Provision of settlement do provide the immediate need for them to stay but the challenges posed by new immigrants who need virtually everything for their survival such as basic need as food, clothing`s and shelter which are not readily available due to increased number of immigrants within a short period. The immigrants need general health facilities and education for their children. Due to increased number of the immigrants it's not possible to meet their diversified health needs varying form nutritional deficiency in children and other communicable disease contacted by adults because of the poor living conditions at the settlement scheme at the initial stage of sorting out the immigrants and refugees. The local authority also provided security to the immigrants to ensure that they are secure in their when they are living there. Provision of accommodation gives them the assurance of security and takes care of their economic and social exclusions which they would have experienced that have caused them to migrate.
The immigrants are in need of physiological support to be able to overcome much of the traumatic events which they have experienced. The local authority will required to help refugees deal with the trauma of abuse and displacement, the mental and physical health issues that are more often experienced by refugees and asylum seekers. This should be taken in to considerations that the refugees who have fled their country because of war they are in most cases having been exposed to violence and have witnessed most of their family members and friends being killed or subjected to torture. This is an experience which they need to forget as soon as possible or get consolations on the same. However, due to increased number of the migrants and few professional counselors at the local authority in relation to those who need the services, makes it almost impossible to council them adequately in readine...
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