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Is There a Crisis in the Australian Film Industry? (Essay Sample)


I already did the essay plan, just let me know how, and I send the file for you. This is the basics references that i should use: 
Anderson, B. (2006) Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, pp.1-46. **** (more important)
Bowles, K (2010) Representation and Textual Analysis in Cunningham. The media and Communication in Australia, 3rd edition, pp. 49-63.
Cao, Benito (2012) ‘Beyond empire: Australian cinematic identity in the twenty-first century’, Studies in Australasian cinema, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 239-250. 
Parker, Rachel & Parenta, Oleg 2009, ‘Multi-level order, friction and contradiction: the evolution of Australian film industry policy’, International journal of Cultural Policy, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 91-105, viewed 19 August 2015, <http://www(dot)tandfonline(dot)com(dot)ezproxy2(dot)library(dot)usyd(dot)edu(dot)au/doi/pdf/10.1080/10286630802450468>
Ryan, Mark David (2012) ‘A silver bullet for Australian cinema? Genre movies and the audience debate’, Studies in Australasian Cinema, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 141-157.


The Australian film industry is suffering from quite a number of elements. Most of the Australians would rather watch films that have been made in Hollywood than watch what has been made right at home. On the contrary, the films perform preferably better in abroad that they do at home. The local entertainment industry has been affected by poor commerce in the film industry, lack of developed genres and the fact that there is a skew toward the element of Australian culture (Alasdair, 2014). The national identity element is quite overused in the films making them lack the elements of entertainment and commercialism (Benito, 2012). The global film industry has overtime managed to form clear cut genres for films classification, but the Australian industry is still struggling to maintain the standards that form these genres. These are crucial elements that point to the fact that the industry is in a crisis and requires special attention if it is to make any head ways locally (O'Donnell, 2012).
The crisis
At the heart of the Australian film industry is the obsession with Australian culture and mannerism. Most of the films take on the elements of Australian culture with twist of making sure that they show the unique elements of the Australian culture. However, the problem with this theme is that, it tends to create a narrow aspect commercially and critically (Diplock, 2014). This is a frame of thought and production that is narrow in the sense that, much of the content is generated towards the satisfaction of the cultural boundaries. The element of entertainment is much larger and more liberal than cultural representations that the Australian film industry deems to satisfy (Anderson, 2006). Constantly trying to make the films about the Australian culture does not only limit the level of entertainment for the audience, but it also limits the producer's will of thought and the broad spectrum of creativity (Bowles, 2010). This would explain why most of the Australians do not find the films made in the local industry as interesting given the fact that they limit the level of indulgence relative to social trends at the global level (Benito, 2012).
The Australian film industry is one that is lacking in the elements of the genre (Mark David, 2012). Some of the genres are overly represented such as comedy, while others such as horror and post-apocalyptic genres are not well represented. With only titles such as The Babadook and Wolf Creek 2, the list of horror movies that come from Australia is really short. There are not many other films in this category that could be rated as having met the threshold for the genre. However, Australia is more than better placed to make such films relative to the fact that there are vast wastelands, with the expansive deserts, wide open spaces and rocky terrains. Movies such as the Mad Max 2 which is a good title, is produced in sceneries that Australia is well endowed in (Groves, 2012). It is also a genre that is rated as having some of the lowest budgets, yet it is largely ignored within the Australian film industry. Genres such erotic thrillers are also quite rare, as most of the film makers shy away from it (Diplock, 2014). This is a genre that is quite popular in Hollywood and also happens to be among the cheapest to produce. There are plenty thriller writers in the country that are churning out this content, but the film industry remains adamant to adopt them for screen play (Mark Davi...
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