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Working, Apparatus and Future Implications (Essay Sample)

For writer Ernie ONLY! I need to paraphrase this document (not just paraphrase the structure but the words as well "as much as can" ) no references needed source..

Olds Elevator:
Working, Apparatus and Future Implications
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Introduction of an Olds Elevator:-
The green method for carrying materials today is the Olds Elevator. The main differences of performance, in comparison with other conventional elevators, is that Olds is more reliable, product and user friendly, more predictability, product tolerant and less maintenance prone. (Lyn Bates, Ajax Equipment Ltd., England). Figure 1 shows the details of an Olds Elevator:

Olds Elevator was devised to counter the glitches in, and improvise on, pneumatic lifting, screw lifting, and bucket elevation. This paper states and elaborates on the technology used in the Olds Elevator, and counts its numerous attributes with the help of various case studies. The paper also goes on to mention the new research facility which focuses on investigating the current design and application issues of the elevator, as well as predicting the future potential of this technology.
Components of an Olds Elevator:
The Olds Elevator is made of only one mobile component which holds the material to be carried. It has a cylindrical shape which has an attached in-fed scoop that rotates around a static screw. There is sufficient clearing in between the static screw and the cylindrical casing. Th...
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