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Concept of leadership (Essay Sample)

I'd like to paraphrase the docume which has 7 students contribution to make one contribution ( 200 to 300 words) . these 7 contribution the student wrote in the our board for discussion so please try to make it new comment not look like copying or paraphrasing. i do not need reference for this assignment. the task question is : Please make a short individual contribution ( 200 to 300 words) reflecting on what you found valuable from Ross's lecture on this discussion board source..
Usually the concept of leadership has been bundled with performance rather than on the emotional balance of the leaders. This concludes that leaders also have personal life and balancing this with the corporate personhood thus has been the biggest hurdle for many as exemplified to me through the lecture by Mr. Ross Foster. However, professionally own capabilities and balance of knowledge and skills usually mitigate this hurdles and sums up the requirement of a great leader.
Work life balances henceforth occurred to me through the speech that it can have both positive and negative effect on the leader. However the main concept that I did grasp from this point is that external factors this being the personal life like family affairs, could have a major draw back on leadership. Through the leadership journey Mr. Ross Foster clearly demonstrate the best quality of a true leader who balances the external factors with his professional lif...
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