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Lap air and noise (Essay Sample)

I want someone to paraphrase and rewrite whole my report "copy and paste is not acceptable". I need it on Friday morning 10:00 am. there are 2 attachment one is my report "lap air & noise", the 2nd is example report "example", you can see the 2nd one to get knowledge about procedure part. I've mention comment in procedure part in my report for the writer which is: ***“For writer”: I want this part “Procedure” around half or more than half “but not long as one page because the report must be 3 pages without references” the same as the 2nd report “example report”, you will find this procedure in the link below, and you not need to write details: http://www(dot)env(dot)go(dot)jp/earth/coop/coop/document/01-apctme/01-apctme-086.pdf Finally, my report must be 3 pages "no more" without references. source..

Lap air and noise
Lap air and noise
Apparatus Setup:
The apparatus necessarily for determining motor vehicle exhaust gases are those that reconstruct road running status (power absorption and control), exhaust checking systems, gas analyzers, and data processor. The apparatus that take in motive power produced is known as dynamometer which consists of different control apparatus and other devices attached to it. The dynamometer also enhances road resistance. The engine dynamometer allows a compact system to be implemented, thus producing successful experiments. The exhaust gas sampling apparatus consist of: direct gas sampling, dilute gas sampling, and the dilution tunnel. The exhaust gas analyzer checks the target gases which are NO, HC, CO when black smoke and PM are separated from the exhaust gas. The data processor evaluates the outcomes of the experiment and instructs the analytical and measuring apparatus (Exhaust Gas Measurement for Motor Vehicles).
Experiment Methodology/ Procedure
The first procedure is to organize the exhaust gas evaluation which is done by: choosing a car, sampling on-road running resistance figures, setting up the test car, and modifying the gauging apparatus. The start conditions are then determined because characteristics of the exhaust gas of automobiles differ at the start of driving as compared to driving afterwards. The evaluation of the car’s operation is carried out followed by Exhausts gas estimates. The exhaust gas estimates are either from dilute gas or direct gas. In unsteady driving, the diluted gas method is usually used. If under steady driving the direct gas procedure is used, fuel intake and air consumption must be determined con...
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