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Crime, Victimization, and Globalization. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


define how globalisation has impacted worldwide interconnectedness.
Example 1- the illegal exploitation of people for materials from the Democratic Republic of Congo
one example to use is how transnational companies in third world countries exploit the people that live there in order to have access to the lands in search for raw materials - discuss how rape is used as a way to drive away a community from a certain area in order to get raw materials such as copper and gold.
Banwell,S. (2014): Rape and sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a case study of genderbased violence. Journal of Gender Studies
another example that should be used is the illegal hair trade and how women in the first world pay for human hair that comes from another part of the world, mainly some villages in india. discuss and evaluate how the hair is not always collected with consent.
And what they hair represents, e.g - youth, femininity
Also draw upon academic papers that have been and discuss.
Berry, E. (2008). The zombie commodity: hair and the politics of its globalization. Postcolonial studies 11(1):6384.
Drawing on examples, critically evaluate the relationship between crime, victimisation and globalisation. 


Crime, Victimization, and Globalization
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There is no doubt that humanity has worked over the years towards increasing their interactions. The desire to interact has led to the speeding of movements and exchanges all over the globe. Globalization has come to imply the increased interconnectedness and interdependence of individuals and nations. Globalization includes two major aspects. Firstly, it entails the opening of international borders to facilitate the flow of products, services, individuals, and ideas among others. The presence of closed international borders poses a threat to free movement. Secondly, globalization involves the changes in institutions and policies that are meant to facilitate and promote such flows. While globalization is a good idea, it has accelerated crime and victimization.

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