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Globalization - Summary Response Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Summary Response Analysis - Globalization
Summarize the attached essay
identify what the write SAYS and what the writer DOES by
giving some examples from the essay
add atleast one outside source to support your opinion
give your opinion on the issued raise by the writer . do you agree or disagree with the writer? Give reason



Summary Response Analysis – Globalization
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Summary Response Analysis – Globalization
In the essay, the author focuses on discussing the disadvantages of globalization as businesses harness the opportunity to access new markets. He starts by defining globalization, highlighting how it has enabled the integration of people, businesses, and governmental agencies across the world. Globalization is present in almost every sector, including the social, economic, ethnic, cultural, and political aspects of life. As the author notes, the issue affects people's lives, including their health, socioeconomic status, and political developments.
The author discusses the negative impacts of globalization in the world. Unlike what many people believe, the article affirms that globalization has many negative impacts compared to the advantages. The author notes that globalization has led to increased emission of harmful gases and substances to the environment. This is caused by the enhanced demand for goods and services and the proliferation of industries. While many people and industry leaders ignore this aspect, the author believes that it is the leading cause of global warming.

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