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Vitamin D and Multiple sclerosis (Essay Sample)

Hi, Introduction: explain the Mechanism of vitamin D on multiple sclerosis disease. Main body explain evidence on how vit. D play role in multiple sclerosis and make table have other studies on role of vit. D on this disease. ( Can you write the evidence with number of people, type of study and outcome) source..
Vitamin D and Multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis may be perceived as an inflammatory disease which is immune-mediated, which affects myelinated axons in the central nervous system hence causing destruction to the axon and myelin in varying levels (Taylor 2011, p.32). The causes of multiple sclerosis is generally unknown, although it is expected to involve amalgamation of genetic susceptibility and with non-genetic trigger, such as low levels of vitamin D and viral infection, bringing about autoimmune disorder which is self-sustaining and steers immune attacks recurrent on CNS. For a considerable time period, scientists have established a connection between vitamin D levels in the body of an individual and capacity of the involved individual in minimizing or resisting multiple sclerosis (Barbara 2006, p.418). New research by Stanford in combined efforts with UMDNJ- School of medicine pointed out that vitamin D has the capacity to directly end the production of the disease-generating protein. Vitamin D therefore has considerable mechanisms on the multiple sclerosis syndromes among individuals.
Recent commentaries as well as studies point out that vitamin D has a considerable link with a variety of autoimmune diseases, counting multiple sclerosis (Elbers 2004, p.1). Sufficient intake of vitamin D trims down inflammatory cytokines by gene expression control and therefore inadequate intake of vitamin D has been suggested as a suitable mechanism with the capacity to add to the inflammation hence multiple sclerosis development (Nordvik 2000, p.142). Poor status with regard to vitamin D is associated with the risk of the development of multiple sclerosis and patients having multiple sclerosis are likely to suffer vitamin D deficit consequences like bone loss (Givannon 2007, p.261). It is clear that animal studies and partial human data hint possible benefits associated with supplementation of vitamin D within multiple sclerosis patients. On the basis of current state of research, a main opinion on practicing dietetics involves incorporating vitamin D in nutritional assessment (Mahon et al 2003, p, 128). This implies that supplementation would be offered on vitamin D so as to enhance healthy living and reduction of multiple sclerosis.
Evidence on the connection amid low levels concerning vitamin D and multiple sclerosis syndrome may be highlighted by a research undertaking which was accomplished for the purpose of establishing actual facts with regard to vitamin D together with multiple sclerosis syndrome (Dean 2005, p.261). The research may be brought to light as follows. Toronto hospital decided to undertake a research aimed at establishing the link amid multiple sclerosis and deficiencies regarding vitamin D. Seventeen children suffering from multiple sclerosis were utilized in the study wherein they were compared with other healthy children (Feming & Cook 2006, p.2085...
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