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Social Impacts Of Psychopaths And Sociopaths (Essay Sample)


3000 words Argumentative essay about the impact of psychopath and sociopath.
-Deferences between a normal person, psychopath, and sociopath
- What psychopath and sociopath brings to the social the good/bad points(e.g. A person who has a high status in their job tend to be a psychopath / Serial killer)
- How to deal with a psychopath/Sociopath
English Level - Intermediate (B1)
Please avoid the complicated words/grammars, use the simple one (B1 level) instead.


Social Impacts of Psychopaths and Sociopaths
Social Impacts of Psychopaths and Sociopaths
Every society is made up of different characters and personalities. There are those who lie consistently while there are those who wish to be and often are controlling or manipulative. However, some of these people have a certain limit or cannot go past a certain level mainly because their human nature or selves stop them. One's conscience or moral code is often always there to call things to order when it seems like things are getting out of hand. But what happens when one chooses to ignore those disturbing noises in our heads or genuinely lacks this disturbing noise? Where should we take these people and are they fit to live with other people? Well, the answer is yes, and the truth is, they have been living among other people since man first set foot on earth. Some people call them selfish, but science describes them as psychopaths and sociopaths. People who fit into these categories are indeed different from what one would call normal. They exhibit behavior which often irks and hurts others, and the most disturbing thing is, they never seem to care. Well, it is indeed not strange to find a person asking themselves whether such people have any social impact or effects on the society. This entire article is solely based on the statement above and seeks to determine the social impacts of sociopaths and psychopaths while also providing further information concerning these conditions.
Differences between a Normal Person, Psychopath, and Sociopath
First of all, people see the world differently and tend to have differing opinions all the time. Therefore, perceiving things differently is not a sign or symptom of psychopathic or sociopathic behavior. However, sociopaths and psychopaths are indeed different from normal people, but this does not mean they look and sound different. A sociopath or a psychopath can look and sound normal like everyone else, but that does not mean they are normal or perceive things and the world like the other people. They will not stand out in a crowd, but once one interacts with them, they get to experience a side of humanity that is not quite common. Below is an in-depth elucidation of the differences between normal people, sociopaths, and psychopaths.
* Normal people do not lie and manipulate others like how sociopaths and psychopaths do. Do not be confused here. Normal people do lie, but a majority have a limit on the things they lie about and the reason why they are lying. However, for sociopaths and psychopaths, lying is normal. Sociopaths and psychopaths lie to manipulate, and they do this consistently.
* Another major difference between normal people and sociopaths and psychopaths is that normal people feel guilty. However, after manipulating those around them and those who love them, sociopaths and psychopaths do not feel any remorse or guilt. Sociopaths and psychopaths try to rationalize their actions, and some even exempt themselves from blame.
* One another difference between normal people and sociopaths and psychopaths is that the former knows when to accept they are wrong but the latter two never accept they are wrong. A normal person will accept and even own their mistake. A sociopath will not accept or own their mistake and will make use of illogical arguments and excuses even though they know they are wrong and are being illogical. When it comes to a psychopath, they will make up excuses as well and will try to run away from responsibility but only because they believe they are right.
* Normal people are sympathetic or have and practice empathy. However, sociopaths and psychopaths ...

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