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Watching the Detectives (Essay Sample)

Discuss Chinatown (1974) in the context of the detective genre, and in the context of the ideological, political, and sexual anxieties of the 1970s. P.S. Please, deliver the paper by the 17th or earlier. source..

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(January 15, 2012)
Watching the Detectives
Chinatown (1974) is one of the most well known detective and modern thriller whose screenplay is written by Robert Towne. It shows a mystical element leaving one in suspense on an imagery poster with its feature based in the 1940s and craving to see the actual movie. The detective has his back facing the viewers and his face away from the audience, puffing on a cigarette whose fumes form a female face. From only the posters we can clearly state that tell the mood, and symbolism of the film is one which will keep the viewers tightly glued to their seats it is a mix of romance, apprehension and high skill of detective elements (Pulver, 2010). The film was directed by Roman Polanski who had just returned from mourning his wife who had been murdered in 1969 he opted for a bleak ending as a significance of his life experiences. This was his last film as his wife’s death had made him a bit cynical and he was convicted of rape of a minor in 1978.
The play is based on a partially true base of a Los Angeles scandal in 1908 involving the immoral Owens Valley ‘Rape’ and the San Fernando Valley land-grab. The main character Hollis Mulwray is from a real-life character Mr. Mulholland one of the perpetrators of the purchase of water rights into Los Angeles through the San Fernando Valley, the evil character in the movie is Noah Cross with the Biblical reference to Noah of the floods (Easton, 1998).
The story revolves round a whole façade of crime, deception, corruption, gangs, and conspiracies with many twists such that it is not easy to predict the characters next move. The hero attempts to clear the world of filth of evil but seldom succeeds in a real world which is in the film; Chinatown.
The character was a cop in LA’s Chinatown and brings misfortune to a woman he was trying to help; it has a twist of both water and family issues. The focus on real life issues makes the viewers more intrigued by the story line it reminds them of ecological preservation system and how the humans have used its very own livelihood to me manipulated by the wealthy few.
The story itself is set in 1937 with the private detective Jake a former cop investigating divorce cases and extramarital affairs. His client named Curly;( a fisherman who really cannot afford to pay the investigation fees after a good fishing expedition)on seeing the photos of his adulterous wife he becomes deranged and he starts nibbling on venetian blinds (Pulver, 2010). Jake of J.J Gittes &Associates, Discreet Investigations shows a state of composure and takes up a role of consoling the victims whom he found evidence of their cheating spouses by making...
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