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Week 2 Forum Assignment: Organization Culture (Essay Sample)


Week 2 Forum - Organization Culture
In 250 words answer the following questions, you can use the 3 reading as a reference if you desire to. Please consider the three characteristics in your response. Must be in APA format.
Forum Question(s) for Response: How does the culture of an organization come about, and how do ethics and values shape the culture of an organization? Is it possible to change the culture of an organization over time? If so, how?
There are three characteristics that form the foundation of an organization


Organizational Culture
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Organizational Culture
Organizational culture refers to a specific value, routines and behaviours that are combined to develop a unique tradition and psychological environment of an organization. In other words, organizational culture can be defined as customs and activities that are shared among the members of an organization, which gives it a distinctive characteristics from others.
Studies have shown that organization culture is developed rather than installed into an organization. To develop an organization culture, a company identifies the three strongest cultural values within an organization (Schein, 2016). First, leaders takes the responsibility to decide on values that employees will embrace in a bid to meet the company's obligations. Second, to avoid a culture that is too much dictating over the employees, the management gives employees a chance to choose their favourite valu

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