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Evidence Of Knowledge Of Research In Business And Management (Essay Sample)


Just write this part of the methodology in the big paper.
Methodology:evidence of knowledge of research in business and management; description of alternative research approaches and methods; justification, selection of appropriate method(s), and explanation of data collection process; ethical considerations; and limitations fully explained.
Evidence of knowledge od research in business and management
advantages and disadvantages of secondary data explained
methodology well explained and justified
Alternative research methods considered
Ethical issues addressed
Limitations explained


Research Methodology
The cosmetic industry can be improved through CSR development (Radyi, S.A.M. 2019, 18). The study looks into useful guidelines and examples that prove inspirational. The researcher decided upon using a qualitative research method as the best approach to obtain data with respect to the topic. Qualitative research is defined as a method that involves collecting non-numerical data. As a result, the qualitative approach mostly applied in structuring and categorization of data, summarization and conclusions on how the beauty industry can achieve development through CSR. The major theory employed by this paper emerges from the analysed data, rather than using one that is already existing. Therefore, qualitative research method is considered the best approach for the study. This is because it helps in findings definitions and a clear understanding of the external environment of the companies in the beauty industry. The study also considers the theory of pragmatism; this a theory that majors on practical applications to determine success. The research looks into the already existing companies that carry out daily activities. The results obtained will be based on practical operations within the beauty industry.
The research design employed in this study is based on the fact that it can address the loopholes in the CSR practices with reference to theoretical knowledge (Feng, C. 2016, 10). The study has considered Shiseido, The Body Shop and a Chinese company. The companies that were selected are competitive in the global market. Following this, the researcher was able to obtain required information through the cases studies of the mentioned companies. Therefore, the research has employed the used of secondary data, which has benefits. Secondary data is one that has already been collected by someone else. This is beneficial since there is easy access to the data required for analysis. Furthermore, the study developed important guidelines from the analyzed content data and drew conclusions regarding the best practice of CSR in the beauty industry.
The data obtained ranges from the stock turnovers of the companies to the best CSR practices employed. Additionally, the study also looked into the management patterns of the selected companies. Employing a case study gives a precise view of the topic in terms of development. Books and journals regarding CSR best practices and its possible impact on the beauty industry were also considered (Ibrahim, Y & Yosof, Y. 2017, 130). Content analysis is a process that is done in various stages. To begin, the researcher managed to capture essential elements in the data obtained from the case studies of both The Body Shop and Shiseido. The data was later presented in forms of tables for further content analysis. After data presentation, the data coding followed as process used to identify the information that would answer research questions. Additionally, coding was employed so as to observe the phenomenon and data patterns. Coding of words usually come in handy when structuring the analyzed data. Furthermore, codes in the data are used to narrow the data for further analysis, following the categorized themes. A successful analysis and credibility is important to the study. Despite the fact that content analysis is time-consuming, the research study has to pay close attention to the details. The study will benefit from the reliability and credibility achieved through clear coding and categorization of data into themes.
Participating Companies
Criteria for Participation
In order to obtain relevant data on the best CSR practices that will lead to further development in the beauty industry, this study has considered there companies: The Body Shop, Shiseido and a Chinese company. These are among the leading companies i...

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