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ALA203 Instructions for Assignment 2: Integrated Communication Plan (Essay Sample)


Assignment 2: Due:
Word limit: Reference system: Scenario:
To be completed as an individual activity (without input from other students). Sunday, 9 February 2020 (11:59 pm); no deadline extension is possible
2,000 words (+/-10%)
Oxford (only); cite references for ALL evidence and claims.
You will use the scenario and your group’s brand/product from Assignment 1.
Please read each of the four pages to avoid mistakes, and to help you frame any questions. Questions are a normal part of the learning process, so please ask your lecturer if you are unsure about anything.
For Assignment 2:
Please submit an integrated communication plan that directly extends your group’s brand/product scenario from Assignment 1 and contains the following sections:
§ Title page (not included in the word count)
§ Executive Summary (250 words)
§ Table of Contents (not included in the word count)
§ Immediately after the Table of Contents, embed the following sections from Assignment 1:
o Introduction
o Situationanalysis(allfoursub-sections)
o Objectives
o Positioningstatement
Note: these four (repeat) sections are not included in the total word count. They will also not be re-assessed. You include them again to provide context for your new Assignment 2 sections; they give you the opportunity to produce a complete and professional integrated communication plan that would be a valuable asset for your own professional folio beyond this course.
Note: you can make changes to improve the content you embed from Assignment 1; be guided by assessment feedback from your lecturer.
§ Creative strategy (600 words); and one draft advertisement (placed in the appendices, and not included in your word count).
§ Media objectives (250 words)
§ Promotional strategy – which could be called a Media strategy (600 words)
§ Evaluation (200 words)
§ Conclusion (100 words)
§ Appendices (not included in the word count)


Shoez ™ Marketing Communication Plan
Student Name
Executive Summary
Shoez ™ has a set plan for the uttermost effectiveness to marketing the product to its absolute target audience and ensuring the shoes competitive market has a place for our product. The Shoez Company prides itself in being a responsible and ethical manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction when purchasing the products that are made for every need and want. This is possible with the introduction of a new sneaker to the market that is competitively affordable and beneficial to the shoe market in multiple dimensions. The product is resourcefully made from the best manufactures in the shoe industry. This report outlines the benefits and weaknesses of both Shoez and its competitors. Giving the leading edge on the best course of action for the best possibility to allowing Shoez to become one of the best leading shoes to be sold.
Shoez Company is a new enterprise that is going to rival the top competitors of the business all the way from Nike to Hush Puppy. The quality of the products made is on the uttermost level of expertise. That follows the external and internal analysis of the situation that is going to be evaluated by this marketing communication plan. The plan outlines the resources, benefits and challenges that are going to be faced whilst prioritising the objectives that the client is wanting from the plan.
We will do an in-depth research on multiple customers that acknowledges their needs and wants. The company has promotional backing and athlete support to allow for our product to be pushed to its consumers well. It has a dedicated research desk on competitors and multiple research ideas on how stores and shoes are being sold, manufactured and successful.
This communication plan shows the objectives that we want to be achieved and the effects of the position that the company is in. The Shoez Company has a strong objective and positioning statement that allow for the marketing plan that enforces the uttermost possibility to ensure successful goals of meeting the client’s needs.

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