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Business Continuity together with Crisis Management (Essay Sample)

Re-sit assessments. “We are living in a new world of risk. Globalization, shifting demographics, rapidly accelerating technological change, increased connectivity, economic uncertainty, a growing multiplicity of actors and shifting power structures combine to make operating in this world unprecedentedly complex and challenging for corporations, institutions and states alike.” World Economic Forum, Global Risks Report, 2011. Write an essay which critically evaluates how business continuity management (BCM) can help an organisation manage the challenges discussed above and discuss the possible benefits that can be gained from implementing a well embedded programme of BCM. source..
Business Continuity together with Crisis Management
Critical evaluation of ways through which business continuity management may facilitate challenges management within an organization
Various risks are usually faced during daily living like irregular power structures, growing actors’ multiplicity, economic uncertainty, increased connectivity, technological change which is rapidly accelerating, shifting demographics and globalization (Elliott, 2002, p.7). These risks bring about challenging and unprecedented complex states, institutions and corporations. Sources have indicated that the various challenges occurrence exposes organizations to difficulties as they attempt to meet held objectives as well as their goals. This calls for considerable actions to be undertaken with the aim of ensuring that suitable solutions are sought for the purpose of facilitating effectiveness when it comes to organizational operations (Myers, 1999, p.45). These challenging situations may effectively be solved through business continuity management. Business continuity management in this case may be perceived as management process which has the capacity to identify impending impacts which threaten organizations and offer resilience building framework as well as effective response capability which safeguards interests held by main stake holders, value, brand and reputation creating activities (Hiles, 2001, p.11). It may also be perceived as development regarding actions, plans and strategies which offer alternative operation modes or protection towards business processes or activities which may steer fatal loss or seriously damaging loses to involved enterprises.
Business continuity management has the capacity to facilitate challenges management within an organization, and this may best be explained by the various core elements found within the BCM. For instance, it entails elements regarding crisis management (Burnet, 2002). This may be explained as processes which are usually designed for the purpose of facilitating effective responses towards events. It has been found out that the various processes found within crisis management concentrates upon situation stabilizing as well as business preparation towards recovery operations. Through the crisis management operations, management regarding business continuity facilitates challenges management within organizations.
Secondly, planning concerning business recovery or business resumption has also been identified as a suitable element which facilitates challenges management within an organization through management activities concerning business continuity (Statt, 2004, p.23). This element entails recovery regarding critical business processes and functions which support or relate to core services or products delivery to customers. Suitable planning concerning business recovery and business resumption is therefore as it makes it possible for organizations to come up with suitable solutions towards experienced challenges.
In addition, recovery regarding IT disaster has also been pointed out as an element within the management concerning business continuity (Frame, 2002, p.6). This element addresses recovery regarding IT assets which are critical, including network assets, storage, databases, applications and systems. Through recovery process, it is evident that challenges associated with IT disasters are effectively resolved (Bjerke, 2002, p.41). This prevents the business from considerable loses which could have come up from such loses. Therefore, challenges associated with IT disasters occurrences are therefore provided with suitable solutions hence undesirable outcomes are eliminated.
To accomplish its purpose, the management regarding business continuity utilises aspects like contingency planning, product recall, emerg...
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