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Google - Human Resource Management (Essay Sample)

GOOGLE: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (24, January, 2011) Google: Human Resource Management The following is the analysis of Google human resource management in reference to the interview that was conducted to Liane Hornsey at Meet The Boss. TV. According to the research that has been done, the Google company seems to be doing well in its human resource management having been voted the best company for two years in a row of most linked business employer in the polls published by the Universum which is an employer branding company. The hiring process mostly boosts this as Google human resource manager says that they have had a very successful hiring policy. This has been an instrumental in their work as she says that they have an obsession on their hiring policy. For example, they used a long time in the recruitment process before opening their company. This was meant to ensure that to get employees who suite their culture. Hornsey believes that by hiring the best personnel, and then everything else just flows. The company has embarked in various activities that have boosted it into the current position. However, the main activities that they have emphasized on are as follows. Selection According to the human resource manager, the company embarked in the issue of selection for a couple of years. This was meant to get the best personnel to fit the tradition of the company and people who would rise up against the company`s challenges. They meant to ensure that they offer each person an appropriate position as they believe that having located each person on the right place the rest of the work just moves (Foot & Hook, pg 125). According to Fisher & Shaw pg 23, the hiring of the workers in the company is a big process that is accompanied by numerous interviews. The successful candidate undergoes a thorough interview that is conducted by direct line manager, candidate potential peers and the subordinates. The minimum number of interviews conducted to each successful candidate is four. The human resource manager narrates that her self underwent fourteen interviews to get the position she is in now. This is meant to ensure that the person recruited has what it takes to be in the position. Not only the skills are required, but also creativity. This shows how serious they are in the recruitment process. Training and Development After the company has recruited the best person, the next stage they embark on very seriously in the training and the development part. This is done depending on the experience of the personnel. Then policy that they employ in this is 70:20:10. This was meant to encourage innovation in the training process. This means that they spend 70% of the employees time in the daily job, 20% being spent on project work while 10% is spent on what the employee want. This ensures that they exhaust completely the employees working time as they make an all round person. They also give their employee freedom to come up with ideas and implement them as part of development skills. For example if one thinks that it was necessary to have a company in any 9of the country, he/she is given that priority to gather a team and come up with research finding and even letting them go a head and open the company there. The training is done very seriously. This is shown by company not in a position to send off any employee after signing the employment contract. They go even a step further to take any mistake done by any employee as theirs. This shows that they have to train their personnel to a level of not making obvious mistake. Motivation The company human resource manager says that people are capable of thriving more in a company that is built in trust. This trust ensures that they are able to be flexible and manage...
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