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Observational Practices Through Specialized Instruments (Essay Sample)


1.Essay of approx 5 pages synthesizing process and outcomes of observation with readings. Pull from at least five sources.(Choose any 5 sources from the attachment images)
2. Create an abstract of your essay: 1 page OBJECT AMERICA Submission: Distillation of paper with documentation of your object through three views.(See the text of the course content in the attached picture. If you have any questions, please contact me)


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Most Americans acknowledge that historical art has long been applied editorially to examine current social climate. Artwork of historical representations that outline gender, religious, racial, class, political amongst other elements serve as unique historical documents that guide Americans in a better way to see and understand the globe through the artist’s work. The prominent work displayed at the Met and Louvre in Paris and other famous museums globally play a crucial role in preserving the American past. On the other hand, others perceive art beyond visual images and current surroundings in such a way that the value is attached to the historical deeper sense and how artwork contributes and affects the society from the time of their creation to the present time.
A visual culture that is inclusive of all mediums and encompasses both popular art and fine art plays significant roles such as examining social conditions of the time and enhancing the public perceptions of these conditions. Some artists use descriptions, images, and details that pull the reader to the world of visual culture. The artwork has been an essential tool in America in facilitating the growth of emerging technology in diverse sectors, helping people to resonate with others embracing cultural practices. Most of the modern artist leverage on the traditional artist content and improve on it to create modern art that connects traditional and modern societies. The artwork has been used in America to bring a sense of belonging, reclaim their lost glory as critical thinkers and to educate society. Additionally, the artwork has helped maintain unity in America, showing American prowess to the global world as well as promoting higher learning institutions and the emerging technology in various disciplines rooted in the ancient artwork.
A fresh Shift of Cultural studies
Highmore (2010) outlines that for aesthetics to relate with everyday life, traditional sense of aesthetics has to be linked with the messy world of sensate perception which lacks reasoning and is only defined through beautiful artworks. The author achieves this through creating a genealogy from Baumgarten, Shaftsbury, and Hume, through James and Dewey to Jacques Ranciere Enlightenments. Additionally, the author emphasizes that art must take its place besides playing a part in the world of feelings alongside things such as gardens, houses, shoes, rivers, faces, and plants.
The ambitious artwork focuses on the pulsing of effect such as hatred and irritation, rising and fallings of hope, the major and minor upheavals set against life today and within a world of daily habits, collective sentiments and routines (Highmore 2010). Such poetic turns of phrase era offer fascinating dynamics on the new cultural studies. To this end, academic collides with the poetic and a divergent work type emerges that bridges the gap between academics and poetic. The author's descriptive writing links people with their surrounding, thus enhancing alertness. The skin of society prickles with the apprehension of other people’s lives, of indifference and resonance, of care and anxiety and ease. Humans’ sensorium is attuned and retuned to the most exciting sections of Ordinary Lives.
Highmore reminds Americans of the world and makes them feel the world again differently, responding, and noticing to disregard conditioned things that make aesthetic consideration unworthy (Highmore 2010). The author links intimacy with encouraging every day with a new scale of feeling that is explained by adaptation of the redistribution of the sensible. In hierarchie...

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