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Accountability and Local Strategic Partnerships (Essay Sample)


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6.6.2 Leadership and New Political Management

Find out what are the political management arrangements in a local authority of your choice (from the options outlined in Unit 6). How was this model chosen? To what extent was the community involved in making the decision? How far did the local authority take into account the results of relevant consultations? What does this show, for example, about community participation, or about power in local governance?

Short essay question on leadership and new political management

Evaluate the pros and cons of the political management arrangements in a local authority you are familiar with. Have the (2000 Act) reforms achieved their aims? 


6.6.3 Accountability, Local Strategic Partnerships, and Local Area Agreements

Identify a Local Strategic Partnership that is operating a Local Area Agreement in a locality of your choice. Who is on it? What is being done to see how well it is working? Has it got targets, what are they, are they measurable or assessable, and by whom? Can it be characterised as a ‘type’ of partnership-- facilitating, coordinating, implementing?

Short essay question on accountability Local Strategic Partnerships

Do LSPs help or hinder the accountability of local service providers to the populations they serve?


6.6.4 Territory and Social Exclusion

Take any group experiencing social exclusion. Where is this group to be found? Are there concentrations? Which organisations attempt to address their needs? Is there any logic for addressing their needs at any particular spatial scale – region, city, district, neighbourhood? What can be shown for example, about how social exclusion is defined, or collaboration in government? You might want to look on the Neighbourhood statistics website for detailed statistical information.

Short essay on Territory and Social Exclusion

With reference to a neighbourhood of your choice, discuss the ways in which social exclusion may be exacerbated by spatial concentration.


6.6.5 Legitimacy and regional government

Map the structures of governance at the regional level in any region in the UK. Bear in mind that there are different arrangements in different parts of the country – in Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland, London, and the other English regions. To what extent does formal regional government exist in the area you have identified? How does governance manifest itself at this scale in your area, and how effective do you feel it to be?

Short essay question on legitimacy and regional government

Is there, on grounds of legitimacy, a case for elected regional government in England?


Accountability and Local Strategic Partnerships
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Accountability and Local Strategic Partnerships
For the past decade, involvement of the local citizens and communities in governance has become a major government policy in tackling poverty and social exclusion, modernizing services, renewing democratic institutions and building social cohesion in the country (Sullivan, 2002). Community housing associations, health care providers and the police for example have evolved ways of involving local citizens in the decision making process of how their needs can be met to improve the quality of their lives and neighborhoods. Community and voluntary organizations are members of the Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) with the public and private sector partners. Therefore, the LSP is a body that unites the local citizens, public and private sectors as well as the voluntary and community organizations so that different initiatives and services can work together to allow decisions and actions to be determined at the local level. They are also aligned with the boundaries of the local authority. As these LSPs are taking momentum in many countries, the question is will they help or hinder the accountability of local service providers to the populations they serve?
The public, private, voluntary and community organizations play a role in improving the quality of life of the local citizens. Therefore, to achieve this objective of improving the quality of life, they should work together with the locals. There working together will bring more benefits not only to the locals but also to the country as a whole (Bovaird, 2007). In deprived areas, economic, social and physical statuses are regenerated and sustained. Through LSPs, public services are delivered in a way that meets the needs of the local residents and influences the participation of the locals in the decision-making process to improve their neighbourhoods.
To be able to tackle the main key issues that the locals face such as jobs, health, crime, and housing require collaboration of all organizations from all levels in the community to work together (Pierson, 2007). Already there are successful partnerships that involve the local governments and providers of public services such as the police, Benefits Agencies, health and Employment Services; voluntary and community organizations and local entrepreneurs. An example is the Hillingdon Partnership whose objective is to unite the local public, private, community and voluntary sector organizations to improve the quality of life for all people in Hillingdon. The role of the Hillingdon Partners is to develop a shared strategic ...
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