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Decriminalization of Weed: The Human Element and the Toll it Takes on Human Life (Essay Sample)


you must write about decriminalization of weed its must use the sources i provide, you must talk about the pros of this and you must discredit all the counter arguments, you must also talk about the human element and the toll it takes on human life


When it comes to the most controversial of topics or debates in the United States of America, then legalization of marijuana takes centre stage. It is arguable one of the most hotly debated contemporary issues in the country, well, apart from politics. The popularity of marijuana is legendary, garnering global recognition especially among the youth, and quite interestingly, in the medical world as well. This debate has taken both sides; legalization and criminalization. The proponents of its legitimization are of the opinion that it will save the nation a lot of money, in addition to even creating more, it will also be good due to its medicinal aspects, and would reduce the incarceration rates in American prisons. The opponents on the other hand, contend that it should continue being banned due to its impacts on society, its addictive nature, and its general perception as a drug. This paper will talk about in subtle element the financial quality joined to the authorization or boycott of marijuana, to any economy and also the general public.
Decriminalization of weed is bound to bring about a reduction in criminal cases throughout the country. Decriminalization will ensure that there is the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. This will essentially be more like cigarettes. The current government is particularly in agreement with the legalization of marijuana, for recreational purposes. Its legalization will also result in the increased research into the drug, basically to ascertain its medical and economic importance. It will keep researchers on their toes, to come up with more information on the drug.[Ali Reagan and M. David.] [Lebeau, Jordan.]
Moreover, the sanctioning of marijuana can wipe out the general view or idea that it is connected with wrongdoing and other backstreet illegalities .Its embracement will proclaim a fresh start .Nations will have the capacity to win more charges from the business, since the greater part of the general population partaking in the exchange will now turn out and do it in broad daylight. This is contrary to doubts that its legitimization can be as a getaway drug for other abuses as well, or its relation to criminal activities such as violence and burglary .[Gerber, Rudolph J.] [Melberg, O., Jones M., & Bretteville-Jensen, A.] [Cooper, Rummell.]
On the other hand however, legalizing marijuana is bound to reduce these social vices such as crime and the use of other hard drugs. This is because; it will give users a break and an alternative basically, on what they can legally use, instead of opting for the other hand, illegal substances. This would drastically reduce the demand for drugs such as cocaine or heroin, and in the long run help in the stabilization of the society.[Anderson, Mark and Rees, Daniel I.]
There are a number of success stories when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. In the United States for example, the case of Colorado is that of daring success. The state voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012 in what was one of the most alien things at the time, in the United States. A lot of things, especially the negatives, were expected to happen in the state. However, within the first year of its legalization, there was quite the opposite of what the doomsayers thought.
First, there is actually no evidence of a shoot in the usage of marijuana by teens and generally, minors within the state. Secondly, the crime rates have fallen in some places and generally held steady, as opposed to the initial fears that the opposite could be the case within the state after legalization.Finally, there has been no shoot in traffic incidences in the country related to drug intoxication. Considering that this is the first year of its legalization and that the market is still stabilizing as it get...
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