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Source Analysis: Technicalities Involved in the Legalization of Marijuana (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


i need an annotated bib for 3 sources on the decriminalization of weed, in the annotated bib i want the sources description to be a analysis of the source to say why is it a good source for the topic with this i will attach the rough proposal so you have a better idea of the topic


Annotated Bibliography
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Caulkins, Jonathan P., Angela Hawken, Beau Kilmer, and Mark Kleiman. 2012. Marijuana legalization: what everyone needs to know. Retrieved from,+Jonathan+P.,+Angela+Hawken,+Beau+Kilmer,+and+Mark+Kleiman.+2012.+Marijuana+legalization:+what+everyone+needs+to+know.&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Caulkins%2C%20Jonathan%20P.%2C%20Angela%20Hawken%2C%20Beau%20Kilmer%2C%20and%20Mark%20Kleiman.%202012.%20Marijuana%20legalization%3A%20what%20everyone%20needs%20to%20know.&f=false
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This book offers a deep discussion into the overhead technicalities involved in the legalization of marijuana. The author discusses the pros and cons of the legalization of this plant. The book offers a statistical insight into what clearly depicts the general perception among the American public on the issues surrounding legalization of marijuana. The point advocated by the proponents of the legalization is rather vague or wider than they can possibly place a finger at, but the support is ever increasing amidst the underlying fear of the unknown accompanying the campaign. This book is good for the legal analysis of the implications that might arise from the legalization.
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Hill, Kevin P. 2015. Marijuana: the unbiased truth about the world's most popular weed. Also can be found from,+Kevin+P.+2015.+Marijuana:+the+unbiased+truth+about+the+world%27s+most+popular+weed.&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Hill%2C%20Kevin%20P.%202015.%20Marijuana%3A%20the%20unbiased%20truth%20about%20the%20world's%20most%20popular%20weed.&f=false
Bottom of Form
Marijuana is arguably one of the most popular and famous plants on the planet. The author through this book, provides expert advice on everything surrounding marijuana, demystifying the previously thought sentiments on the same and having a rather liberal approach on the debate around it. The book combines scientific facts and discussions, to back up the reasons for usage as well as non-usage of the drug, culminating in a comprehensive, neutral piece of work. It is very suitable for anyone seeking a detailed insight into the story of marijuana, from its history to the present.
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Gerber, Rudolph J. 2004. Legalizin...
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