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World War I: The Deadliest War In Human History (Essay Sample)


When the belligerent states went to war in August 1914, many observers believed it would be relatively short, perhaps even “over by Christmas.” That proved wrong. Why?
Your take-home essay must answer WHY not simply HOW the war lasted until November 1918. You must make an argument defending a thesis, using all legitimate and available resources at your disposal. Treat this essay exam as a sort of research paper and answer the question as fully and completely as possible. Be sure to focus on the essential reasons, based upon the evidence, to substantiate your thesis.
**The exam essays will be typed, double-spaced, on clean paper. It will follow accepted scholarly guidelines.


World War I
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World War I


World War 1 turned out to be one of the deadliest wars in human history. When the war began, many observers indicated that the war would not last believing that it would most likely be “over by Christmas.” However, this was not the case because the war dragged on for more than four years with a lot of bloodshed and suffering in the battlefields. Many historians have tried to explain why the war lasted for so long when it was predicted it would be relatively short. The answer to this question is multifaceted and historians have proposed various contributing factors to this scenario. For this reason, it is important to examine the World War 1 lasted for so long because of factors such as that it was a war of attrition, there was stalemate-deadlock, innovation in the battlefield, and also the ambitions and aims for both sides kept increasing.

One main reason why World War I lasted for so long is that it was a war of attrition. The war main players were industrial powers who possessed large economies and populations. In this way, they could afford to lose battles, suffer severely loses in terms of life, and fire tons of ammunition but still have the capability to continue the war because they had the resources. For example, Russia suffered immensely loses in almost every battle that it fought against Germany but the country still remained in the war and only withdrew almost three years later. Ultimately, when examined closely, the war dragged on for so long and each because each country wanted to reduce the power of the others. In fact, the Allies won in the end because they managed to access superior overall resources that gave them the power to destroy their enemies. All the same, it still took them a long time even after the United States joined them with millions of people died before they were able to finish Germany and Austria-Hungary.

It is also believed that the war lasted longer than was expected because of stalemate-deadlock. Johnson argues that during World War 1, the development of the new “trench warfare” technique became extensively used. This technique involved both sides having trenches dug up that resulted in significance deaths on both sides but limited significance advancement to the other side. This occurred because this was a defensive tactic and not offensive, which means that no side was making any headway. For example, German began using the trench but shortly after, the Russians also dug trenches and while

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